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Discover how we help clients innovate, grow and transform for the autonomous age

Leading CPG company

Working with a leading CPG company on transforming Innovation and building towards an Autonomous Growth Engine

Major global fashion retailer

Working with a major global retailer to reimagine how clothing is made, bought and sold in an AI-native way 

Johnson & Johnson

Teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to facilitate access to HIV treatments in Myanmar through a human-centered approach


Creating two blockchain ventures with ING focused on making global commodity trade faster, safer and cost efficient


Developing Nespresso’s future brew with a unified, consumer-centric innovation strategy and product pipeline


Expanding Loop’s product portfolio to build a quieter world


Redefining the power paradigm and navigating the PtX market with Worley

Movement Health

Building a foundation that identifies and tackles systemic regional healthcare challenges supported by Roche, Microsoft and Siemens Healthineers


Scaling remanufacturing with Vanderlande to make logistics more reliable, cost-effective and carbon-neutral


Defining the future of grooming alongside Philips with 1 product for 27 million people


Driving sustainable competitive advantage with Thinx menstruation and incontinence solutions, co-created with consumers and experts


Imagining the future of circular construction and retrofitting, powered by AI


Working with Nestlé to make nutritious food accessible to families in Côte d’Ivoire

Tata Consumer Products

Running AI-powered Sprints with Tata Consumer Products to fuel food and beverage innovation


How our collaboration with Ferring improved access to fertility services


Supporting green transition in construction sites with data-driven refueling and emission reporting services

Global leader in food and agriculture

Fast-tracking the foundation for venture building in APAC


Partnering with Colruyt Collect&Go to bring new value to city dwellers and establish an internal Innovation Lab


Designing and validating digital interventions with Merck to enhance patient adherence and drug differentiation


Boosting Gen Z engagement for Levi’s digital Loyalty Program


Developing GAF’s new products for better, more affordable home construction

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