Innovation & growth audit

Get a fast and thorough diagnosis of the effectiveness of your current innovation capabilities.

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A third-person analysis of your current innovation capabilities

Our innovation audit is specifically designed to give you an in-depth, detailed and objective third-person-view on your current innovation capabilities in relation to your strategic objectives.

  • Do you have a mature design thinking capability, but can’t figure out why disruptive innovation does not emerge in the end?
  • Have you built an Agile development process but are struggling to interface with new business models or disruptive innovation concepts?


A innovation audit will give you the answers whilst laying the foundations for an innovation strategy sprint. Once completed, it will allow your organization to unlock profitable future growth opportunities with a clear plan of action.

Our cross-industry perspective from working with global Fortune 500’s gives us the unique experience and consulting point of view. We help you create by sharing expertise and capabilities helping the most innovative firms in the world. We apply these critical learnings and insights to your own organizational context.

We continue to see accelerated need for transformational-change caused by digitalization, speed of business, industry 4.0, urbanization, climate change, disintermediation, startups (+ many other megatrends. But before embarking on a new journey in hot pursuit of innovation, it is crucial to understand where you are now whilst building on your existing, unique capabilities, then figure out where you want to go strategically and how. This is exactly why we created the Innovation Audit. It is the starting point of this journey.

Why do an innovation audit?

The purpose of an innovation audit is to deeply understand how effective your innovation process functions, as-is. This helps avoid simply initiating and executing expensive (and potentially unhelpful) innovation strategies and programs without understanding what works and what does not. 

This will help avoid wasting time, money and frustrating company employees whilst building upon your strengths. No-one wants yet another change management fad with hazy goals that aren’t setup to achieve what it set out to.


What to expect from our innovation audit.

Benchmark your innovation capabilities

Before jumping to innovation strategy and action plans, we help you assess your current capabilities to build upon.

Independent external viewpoint

Make an objective assessment of what is currently working for innovation outcomes across key dimensions in relation to your existing innovation strategy.

Existing innovation pipeline

Understand where the major pain point and blockages are located across your innovation pipeline; by identifying what is preventing you from achieving the desired innovation results and business impact intent.

Evidence-based strategy outputs

Evidence based decision making based upon qualitative and quantitative data coupled with our cross-industry expertise to ensure to diagnose what is working and what needs improving.

Program overview

Quickly diagnose how innovation is currently functioning at your organization.

Our Innovation Audit is a pre-phase to our innovation strategy sprint and is a closely-linked and essential first step to laying the foundations of your future strategic innovation intent.

Innovation Audit Stages

Each organization is entirely unique so we tailor our approach given your size, number of divisions, departments and global locations. We then design and implement the most appropriate research design to capture the broadest amount of learnings and key-insights in a very short space of time, typically 2-3 days.


A tailor-made approach to uncover the elusive why’s at your organization.

The first step involves deploying quantitative research methods to capture broad insights across as many departments and divisions as possible to allow an understanding of the known unknowns. We will also get an in-depth understanding of your innovation culture, employees and management.


A broad understanding of how innovation is currently functioning within your organization.

Next, we conduct specialist deep-dive problem exploration interviews with key stakeholders involved in the current innovation capabilities and pipeline. We collect key insights and learnings for future analysis and synthesis. Ideally 15-20 interviews lasting no more than 30 minutes is sufficient.


Deep understanding to uncover the elusive why’s that create existing barriers to innovation outcomes.

Once we have gathered both quantitative and qualitative research data, we correlate, synthesise, code, cluster and abstract deeper meanings across your entire innovation pipeline. Coupled with our experience consulting the world’s largest firms, we can quickly spot and diagnose key factors and barriers to your desired innovation outcomes.


Causal mechanisms and emergent themes uncovered that explain why and how innovation is functioning the way it is.

Once completed, the innovation audit firmly grounds you in answering the key question, ‘where you are currently at?’. After this, we will suggest next steps in how to address the specific issues from the strategic level down to the project team level for innovation. In many cases, the next step is to run an innovation strategy sprint in 5 days where we help you shape and define your innovation mission map and innovation vision (where you want to go?). This is then linked up to your innovation blueprints per initiative (how you’re going to get there).

Once completed, we will suggest next steps in how to address the specific issues at the strategic level. In many cases, the next step is simply to run an innovation strategy sprint in 4-5 days where we help you define your innovation mission map and vision coupled with your innovation strategy blueprint.

Want to learn more about how we recently conducted an innovation audit? Check it out over on our blog.

Innovation & growth audit

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