Future exploration

Give direction to your business strategy with rigorous foresight research and a fresh perspective.

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A pragmatic view on our future.

Fueled by imagination, grounded in reality.

To make accurate predictions, you need to understand complex human behaviour as well as the tech that will impact it.

Venturesight, the future exploration unit of Board of Innovation, does just that: starting from the behavioral point of view to break down misconceptions about technology trends and hypes.

Through our structured approach, we can help your foresight unit get a fresh perspective on a challenging topic or identify three new whitespace businesses.


We'll strengthen your foresight team.


Rigorous research, beyond the hype

Technology reviews and visionaries oversimplify the worlds of the future, not taking into account complex cultural and behavioral patterns. This often results in undesirable and unrealistic future predictions.

Our research approach is rooted in design, which means we dive deep into the science and its interactions with human behaviour to extrapolate which technologies and use cases will actually survive.


Thought-provoking insights and concepts

We connect the dots in novel ways, spotting hidden patterns in the data allowing your team to get a fresh perspective on any topic. We take this perspective and translate it to tangible business strategies and ventures.

By spotting opportunities early on, your business units can gear up and gain expertise in white space areas or new markets.

Transparent assumptions, adaptive predictions

By being clear and open about the assumptions that were made during the research process, the predictions can be used as an adaptive set of guiding lights. Along the way our team can update the predictions and adjust its course based on new evidence.

We’ll provide you with a clear list of assumptions as well as the data we based them on, so that you can take full ownership and keep tracking them.


Crowd sourced intelligence

Through our prediction crowd sourcing platform, we can tap into the wisdom of the crowd to strengthen our predictions. And when we say crowd, we mean a curated collection of individuals with a track record of correct predictions.

Our network of innovation generalists and specialists alike spans all demographics, geographies and industries and we tap into it when needed.

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From scoping to research-backed insights.

The key to successful predictions for your business is being able to develop an honest and critical view on how all dynamics and trends interplay with one another. This requires the skill to fuse in-depth expertise in various topics with cross-industry generalist insights.

Our tried and tested tools and methodologies will ensure we maintain a clear-cut and transparant collaboration with your teams, while also getting to novel insights together. 

What follows is a high-level overview of our preferred format, however we’re flexible and willing to step out of these bounds where needed.

The Future Exploration Track

let’s make sure we start on the same page, with a clear challenge or area of focus.

  • Align on the process and expected outcomes
  • Exchange existing research and strategic priorities within the company

Our team goes to work and dives head-first into the relevant subject. We consult some of our favorite sources.

  • Startup databases
  • Academic research knowledge bases
  • Patent search engines

Based on the insights here (and some mischief) we’ll craft the first workshop!

In half a day we’ll take you through what we found so far and trigger some discussions around our workshop tools. Depending on the needs of the topic we’ll use some of these tools (as well as others):

  • Trend-merger: fusing opposing future scenarios into more plausible midway scenarios
  • Assumption mapper: pinpoint the make-or-break assumptions underneath a set of predictions
  • Value discs: estimate the probablity a product will become succesful, by quantifying it’s five most important value adding elements

Armed with a first stack of insights, the team goes back to the drawing board, but this time fueled by some external minds from our network of futurists and innovation professionals:

  • Through our prediction platform
  • Through ideation workshops with relevant experts in the field

OK, so we’ve got our future scenarios, each with a likelihood score and underlying assumptions. Now, what remains is to translate these into tangible concepts that your company can work with.

Depending on the scope, these might include:

  • MVP steps towards a future product or service
  • Strategic white spaces to explore (with clear steps as to how)
  • A list of startups to acquire

In order to ensure our recommendations stick, we guide your team and the management board through a step by step of how we got there. We don’t just tell you the hyped buzzwords; We’ll tell you why they’ll fail and what our assumptions are. We’ll tell you what the next steps should be for your business to thrive in a vastly changed world.

Future exploration

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