Culture program.

Transform your company culture into your main competitive advantage.


Create a culture for change.

Your business environment is changing at an increasing pace. Skills and mindsets required to run a business in your industry are changing too, due to software advancements, strategic repositioning, or shifting global trends.

In this scenario, corporates need to activate change management initiatives and transformation programs at a scale and pace never seen before, to keep the corporate culture focused on what really matters. 

Strive for a company culture that allows your people to sense and respond, rather than being controlled, and where your most progressive talents are incentivized to promote a culture of change

I am touched on a deep emotional level. This program opened my eyes professionally and most importantly impacted my personal life. I never expected that a corporate program could have such a big impact.”Participant, Global culture program, Valmet

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What to expect from our culture program.


Employees first, clients second

  • Treat employees the way you want to be treated as a client.
  • Empowering a happy, self-steering workforce as the key quality of the company.
  • Designed for scale: each employee spreads the company culture to multiple clients. 

culture development on different levels

  • Personal: creating habits applicable to your life beyond your job.
  • Team: applying the tools and techniques to your day-to-day job with your team.
  • Organizational: creating an adaptive culture throughout the entire organization.

"Best way to fail a culture program is to put HR in the lead"

  • Business culture program: always applied to current business challenges (on the backlog).
  • Integrated into the current way of working. 

Program overview

Improve your workplace culture and organizational climate.

The culture programs by Board of Innovation are designed to impact on the culture of both direct participants and the teams from where the participants come.

Teams of 2-3 develop one of their challenges (in their backlog) with techniques derived from design thinking, lean startup and agile. A positive organizational culture will start growing by applying learnings to your work context and personal life right away.

For example, we designed the framework of a 5-week change program for the ING group, currently run in 12 different countries. For each country, we adapt the program to the context of the country, deliver the workshops and coach all teams where needed. 

The first run of the program is usually facilitated by Board of Innovation, while the following ones are run with company internal trainers so that you can keep the cultural transformation running without depending on our support. From there, Board of Innovation acts only as a mentor where needed. 

Our programs can be run in any organization, but require the least effort if your organization is already working in an agile way. 

  • Learning agility
  • Positive thinking: opportunities instead of problems
  • Team collaboration and constructive feedback
  • Resilience
  • Contextual research
  • Design thinking
  • Customer centricity
  • Creative problem solving
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Customer validation & testing
  • Visual communication
  • Effective audience engagement
  • Change management

Our attempt to be the best place to work

Examples from Board of Innovation.


Hack my week

Twice a month, 2 of our colleagues come up with an idea to improve our company culture or way of working, a hack. Everyone shares learnings before a new hack experiment is introduced. 

Is it safe enough to try?

Everyone is empowered to make their own decisions under 2 conditions. Firstly, you asked advice from experts on the topic and from the people that are impacted by your decision. Secondly, it can’t put the company as a whole at risk.

No code of conduct

Having rules to stop people from acting naturally are true culture killers. We hire authentic people and allow them to bring their whole self to work. We have one simple rule for everyone in the company: “Act in the best interest of the company”.

Culture program

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