Strategic growth mindset training

Teach executives to be the role models and forward thinkers your organization needs right now with our strategic growth mindset training course.

Why is our strategic growth mindset course essential for leaders?

By default, innovation teams have a growth mindset. To innovate, they must be willing to take risks, experiment, learn, improve, and solve problems. They need to see failure and critical feedback not as affronts, but opportunities to grow and pivot.

Leaders, on the other hand, can’t always operate that way. They need to safeguard the future of the company by ensuring execution and immediate results, which calls for a fixed mindset. The trouble is, that approach will inhibit their effectiveness with innovation teams.

A fixed mindset is not conducive to inventiveness and experimentation – it can be a barrier. We’ll help you overcome that barrier by teaching your leaders when and how to strategically deploy a growth mindset. They’ll learn to guide and inspire innovators – and help them find solutions.

This ability has never been more essential for managers. Customer expectations are changing rapidly and the economic environment is volatile – innovation is a must for any company looking to come out the other side not just intact, but on top.

Our strategic growth mindset training course will give your executive team the skills they need to achieve just that.

How will strategic growth mindset training benefit your business?

With this program, you’ll give your leadership team the mindset they need to leverage opportunities in times of crisis. Obstacles will become triggers for experimentation, learning, and improvement. We’ll teach your team to not only strategically pursue opportunities for growth, but to share their knowledge with others and upskill your workforce in the process.

Anticipate opportunities in the Low Touch Economy

Understand which fundamental shifts are here to stay, how they will turn your industry upside down, and which strategic options you have to go on offense.

Co-create your vision and strategic direction

Define a co-created vision of your strategic directions to kickstart the business for the new normal.

Co-create direction and ambassadorship

Get actionable knowledge to drive change and get results. Create talented ambassadors who will spread innovation culture throughout your company.

Lifetime access to our tools & guides

We believe knowledge should be shared, which is why we make all our tools and content available to your entire company. 

Industry specific content

You won’t get bored with our interactive modules. Throughout the program, you’ll put the methodologies you learn into practice with cases tailored to your organization.

Scale your knowledge

You won’t get bored with our interactive modules. Throughout the program, you’ll put the methodologies you learn into practice with cases tailored to your organization.

What’s involved?

Get ready to learn by doing. We’ve poured a decade of experience into these live interactive sessions to ensure each strategic growth mindset workshop is not only memorable and engaging, but helps you reach your business goals. Choose a module below or build a program tailored to your needs with one of our learning experts.

We’ll combine your expertise with our insights on the Low Touch Economy to build a strategy for growth in the new normal.

  • Analyze emerging macro-trends and understand the impact they’ll have on your business for years to come. We’ll help you look beyond your industry and take the broader ecosystem into account.
  • Create a sense of urgency and ensure your teams understand how important it is to act now.
    Align leadership towards a common goal.

We’ll teach your leaders to shift between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset for maximum effectiveness.

In this module, we’ll give you a formula that will enable you to predict the impact your current initiatives will have on your company’s future growth prospects. We’ll review your traction metrics (backwards-looking) for impact assessment and activity metrics (forward-looking) for growth assessment. 

  • Impact metrics: measure whether your investments are having the desired effect. You’ll look at the results your investments have yielded and indicate whether they’re actually turning into something useful.
  • Activity metrics: measuring whether you’re doing enough to reach your future goals. How many projects have you started/killed? How many new ideas do you have in the pipeline? What is your R&D spend? How many of your employees have had growth mindset training?
Ensure that your investment has legs. In this module, we’ll teach every participant how to effectively pass on what they’ve learned and build this capability internally. You’ll make a transformation plan that includes governance, toolkits, and best practices. With it, you’ll build community of practice.

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