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Let's talk and see how you can assess your product portfolio's social impact, and make sure your products, services, and business models are sustainable, inclusive, and accessible

Leverage innovation to boost your impact on Sustainable Development Goals! 

When it comes to SDGs, all organisations have a role to play. Both businesses and nonprofits should revise their innovation strategy, assess their social/ environmental impact, and make sure their products, services, and programs contribute to a better future for our planet and its habitants. 

The first step towards integrating the SDGs in your innovation strategy and practices is to have a better understanding of your organisation’s current impact, your ambitions, and your core assets.

Let us help you get started with a free 1 hour consultation with our Social Impact Lead. 

For corporate innovation teams

We can help you revise your innovation strategy for future impact. We start by assessing your product portfolio’s social/environmental impact, and continue to explore and validate sustainable, accessible, and inclusive solutions; be it for products, services, or business models.

We are working with several corporate clients on projects that will contribute to the SDGs. 

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For NGOs

When it comes to social impact, nonprofits are in the lead. NGOs need to embrace innovation to thrive in an increasingly complex ecosystem; they need to revise their programs to enhance the impact on beneficiaries while making their fundraising efforts future-proof.

We are helping international NGOs rethink fundraising approaches, while building internal innovation capabilities.

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Free 1 hour

We’ll assess and work with you to develop realistic action plans to integrate SDGs in your innovation strategy.

We are providing a limited number of these free consultations, so make sure you get yours!

About us

Who are we

Our team includes diverse experienced strategic design thinkers and social impact designers from all over the globe.

We leverage the network and expertise of Board of Innovation, a global innovation agency that helps corporate clients to innovate like startups, and to develop sustainable new revenue streams.


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