Effecting positive change in societies through social innovation and human-centered design.


What is .social?

We believe in using a human-centered approach to solve the world’s problems. We look at how new business models can help non-profit organizations, NGOs, and responsible businesses improve the lives of the people they serve. By engaging the right partners who want to make a difference, we believe social innovation can have a transformative impact on societies. 

Our .social team is a group of passionate, concerned citizens with expertise in innovation strategy, service design, business model innovation, and social innovation. We use our experience as innovation consultants to improve the way organizations are tackling societal challenges in developing countries. 

Together with our clients, we are using innovation to help those who need it most. Through this work, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of less developed regions. Join us in the journey towards an inclusive future.

Thank you so much for spending time with ActionAid and supporting us in developing an approach to innovation. We really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into this.

– ActionAid UK



Why work with us


Are you a non-profit looking for ways to empower entrepreneurs to build the local economy from the ground up?

Are you an NGO in need of new channels for your fundraising initiatives?

Are you a company looking into ways to make your products or services more inclusive for those who can’t afford it?

At .social, we’re here to help! We make innovation more accessible and scalable through tailored programs designed to maximize impact. We work with multiple stakeholders such as NGOs, start-ups, businesses, and governments, to tackle such challenges as access to education, poverty, disease prevention, and microinsurance.

Do you have a project in mind and curious about working with us?

Or are you looking for inspiration? We’d love to hear about your organization’s current challenges and see how we can work together. Drop us a line to learn more!


Who we've worked with

An actionable innovation strategy for SOS Children’s Villages

We enabled the NGO to co-develop an innovation framework, re-map ongoing projects, and align innovation efforts internationally.

Access to Finance Rwanda

We travelled to Rwanda to help microinsurance companies come up with a human-centered solution for those who don't qualify for traditional insurance plans.


In a collaboration with Pepal, Johnson & Johnson, and 3 local NGO's, we explored, discovered, and launched 3 new initiatives that improve the service, education, and funding of HIV prevention and reproductive health in Myanmar.

ActionAid UK

Defining an innovation strategy

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About us

Who are we

Our team includes diverse experienced strategic design thinkers and social impact designers from all over the globe.

We leverage the network and expertise of Board of Innovation, a global innovation agency that helps corporate clients to innovate like startups, and to develop sustainable new revenue streams.


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Social innovation lead

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