The Low Touch Economy is here to stay.

Daily updates on how companies are adapting to the new normal caused by Covid-19. Use our research to develop actionable strategies for your organization.

Definition of the low touch economy

The term Low Touch Economy refers to the way businesses across the globe have been forced to operate in order to succeed as a result of Covid-19

Key characteristics

The term Low Touch Economy refers to the way businesses across the globe have been forced to operate in order to succeed as a result of Covid-19. The best way to define its meaning is to list its main characteristics so far:

  • To mitigate health risks, businesses have been forced to adapt to strict policies, including low-touch interactions, limited gatherings, travel restrictions, and so on.
  • Multiple aftershocks in global markets can already be seen. These include shifts in consumer behavior, new regulations, and supply chain disruptions.
  • Medical experts and business leaders assume Covid-19 will directly influence the economy until late 2021.
  • Businesses that survive the Covid-19 pandemic will be those that rely on business models tailored to this new normal while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

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Webinar 3

“What we got wrong about the first year of the Low Touch Economy”

Join our upcoming webinar on what we got wrong about the first year of the Low Touch Economy. We’ll share our top 5 lessons and look at the year ahead!


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“The Winners of the Low Touch Economy”

We will talk about the opportunities & white spaces to explore. We look at what companies can learn from other regions and from frontrunners of the Low Touch Economy.


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"Intro to the Low Touch Economy"

What does the new normal look like and what does it mean for customers and businesses? In our first webinar, we discuss the main highlights, changes in customer behavior and a strategy matrix.

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More research & tools

Business models Pivots (+50 examples)

Plenty of companies are now shifting their focus. It’s remarkable how many entrepreneurs are already building a new Low Touch Economy to get our society back up and running. Use this Google Sheet to submit business model pivots in the new normal.

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mind map (+100 ripple effects)

There are so many moving parts in the Low Touch Economy. With this mind map, we track a selection of shifts and how they influence each other. You can download the latest PDF export or collaborate in real-time with other people to map out all the second-order consequences of this crisis.

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Depending on how your organization will be hit this year, you will need to execute different strategies. Only a small subset of businesses will be impacted positively. We’ve mapped out 12 different options, matched with 3 potential recovery scenarios. Use this strategy framework with your leadership team.

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Readiness Scorecard

How well is your current business designed to flourish in the Low Touch Economy? By looking at the current winners of this new era, we’ve listed the top characteristics that are impacted. This readiness scorecard can help to prioritize the next steps to navigate your business out of this crisis. Don’t forget to browse the examples of frontrunners in our reports.

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