Training: Lean startup for Corporates

Inject Lean Startup in your Business

This 2-day training program brings structured tools and techniques to your team and helps to innovate faster and more cost-effectively. From an accurate understanding of customers’ needs to creating business prototypes.

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How to apply Lean Startup Techniques

Startup companies often have the same goals as traditional companies, but their approach is different: they are fast and have the capability to transform whole industries with little money. This corporate innovation training brings lean startup to traditional companies. The tools used will reduce time-to-market and investment risks. It’s time to adopt that innovative approach!

intrapreneurship training: a practical course

Turn your managers in to intrapreneurs. After this training participants will walk away with a different mindset about developing new business ideas. The goal is that all people will adopt a more hands-on approach to their projects, using a wide variety of entrepreneurial tools as well as a structured process to change ideas into market-ready solutions.

tools to innovate like a lean startup
Managers use tools of entrepreneurs

Innovation training for corporate managers

Entrepreneurship training for corporates

Entrepreneurship training for corporates

Day 1

Idea generation

  • Why and What to learn from start-ups
  • Inspiring warming-up examples of successful startups and corporates

    Why are corporates adopting intrapreneurship & venturing?

    The mindset: Start small. Experiment.

    Involve customers. Fail. Iterate.

    What can corporates learn from start-ups; and the other way around?

  • How-to: Methods and techniques
    for innovating the start-up way
  • Introduction to the Lean Startup methodology

    How to use Customer Journeys and Paper Prototyping

    Learning from failure with inexpensive tools

    Designing new ideas (group-work) and making them tangible




Day 2

Focused on Validation

    Untitled design (5)

  • Idea development & testing in the real world
  • How to understand and engage other stakeholders early in your process

    Getting customer feedback with fast-made prototypes of an idea

    Testing Business Models and validate the results

    Pivot, Pivot, Pivot, …

  • Pitching your idea
  • What makes a presentation great and how to tell your story?

    Pitching of your business concept and first street feedback

    Conclusions and round-up session

  • Optional pizza startup session
  • Pizza-evening the start-up way – between day 1 and 2 –

    Fun & entrepreneurial mindset

    Late evening development after working hours

Ideal for

Managers working on (disruptive) new products & services within a large enterprise. Participants of this entrepreneurship training often joined an internal HR & Talent development program to think and act like a startup.

  • New business developer
  • Product manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Soon to be intrapreneurs
  • Marketing (new products)
  • Trainees & young graduates



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Do you want more info about this program? Please fill in this form below to have a quick chat with one of our experts.

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