Senior foresight analyst

Join Venturesight, our future cell.

Your mission

Create fresh perspectives on the future, grounded in evidence and research.

Together with Nick De Mey (founder of both Board of Innovation and Venturesight), you will work with large enterprises to give them clearer visions on the future. This role is not defined by fitting a specific template but will be created based on your interests and strengths.

  • Hands-on Research: You’re a born researcher when it comes to understanding market trends, consumer behavior, and technological progress. Next to desk research, you are not afraid of interviewing the right people directly to get expert perspectives.
  • Connect the dots & Inspire: You are able to identify the patterns in your data and you can clearly summarize your findings into thought-provoking insights and presentations. This way you keep colleagues and clients on top of their game when it comes to future predictions.

Your projects


Most importantly, you’ll be a client-facing consultant and lead projects from start to finish with a methodical approach. Our current focus is on mobility and life sciences.

  • You’ll work directly for the future exploration units of market leaders. You’ll start from a specific challenge or topic and come out six weeks later with clear recommendations.
  • You’ll then dive into startup databases, patent search engines, and your favorite tools for exploration of technological things to come. You’ll also build and contact a broad network of experts on various topics collecting their views to supplement your research.
  • Based on these findings you’ll conduct workshops together with another Venturesight or Board of Innovation facilitator to tease out interesting views and ideas based on your inspirational content. This will kickstart another wave of research and ideation.
  • After (roughly) six weeks you’ll present a set of predictions and business ideas to the management board together with the team.

Next to the client work, you’ll help build Venturesight itself. As a young sub-brand of Board of Innovation made up of  a small team of entrepreneurs, we’d love to see how you could contribute to the growth of the company in any of its aspects.

Your profile

Experienced, hands-on and rigorous with a wild imagination

As a guideline, here are some of the key characteristics we’re looking for.

  • You have a Master or PhD degree in a relevant field.
  • you have 5+ years of work experience in foresight or a related field.
  • You are EU-citizen.
  • you are well-connected to new generations of consumers and knowledgeable on all things cutting-edge. A broad network of experts in these fields is a plus.
  • You are proactive and able to take the lead on client-facing projects.
  • you have excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • You are fluent in English. Any additional language is a plus.

Who is Venturesight?


Both organisations help large corporates with the design & development of new business initiatives. BOI facilitates this process via intrapreneurship & design thinking programs. Their consultants guide & support in-house innovation teams.

Venturesight takes a different approach. Our analysts & venture builders research the potential of different future scenarios, to challenge and inspire the in-house foresight teams of corporates. Together we will build the businesses of the future!

At Venturesight, team members are not managed but given the freedom and trust to organize themselves in entrepreneurial self-steering teams. That’s why you will also grow into several business-critical domains like marketing (hosting webinars or writing blog posts), sales (conducting intake calls or designing solutions for prospective clients), etc. Learn more about our values and unique culture here.

Why join Venturesight?


Because you will directly impact the innovation and business strategies of Fortune 500 corporates


Because you thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and want to become part of an ambitious, but small team building this young high-growth venture.

Because you get numerous on-the-job-and-beyond learning opportunities, the possibility to develop yourself in a direction of choice, and you  receive a self-development budget. 


Because you like to eat healthy every day (breakfast, lunch, soup, fruits, drinks, … for free!) , and are not afraid to take the risk to get addicted to our coffee bean machine. Not to mention  those legendary Funky Fridays.


Because you appreciate a stimulating office environment: standing desks, free Spotify account, amazingly soft carpet floor that is bare-feet-friendly, cozy couch corner, …

Because you are looking for a place where you can be your whole self, and become part of highly talented, ambitious, (from time to time hilarious) international and diverse team (15 different nationalities and counting!).


Because you love to travel worldwide (and long for more checks on that bucket-list) , you are eager to build a global professional network, while appreciating Belgium as your (new) base.


Because you want to craft your own job. It’s about creating opportunities to play to your strengths to create an even bigger impact. We want to support you to fulfill your professional and entrepreneurial ambitions.

What's next?

Step 1


Upload your cv, share your portfolio, have a chatbot introduce you …  up to you! Next, fill out the application questions and submit! We promise to definitely get back to you within 2 weeks.

Step 2

Let’s talk

During this initial 15-minute video call, we meet each other for the first time. We will ask a few additional things about your past experiences and/or drivers, and obviously also give you the opportunity to ask a few early burning questions.

Step 3

Submit case & online tests

So far so good! We clearly see your potential for this role, so you’ll be invited to take online reasoning tests and prepare a case to test your business case development. FYI : about  75% of the candidates in this stage make it to the next stage!

Step 4

In-depth interview

During this 1 hour in-depth interview you’ll pitch your case and get challenged by one of our senior consultants. During the interview our talent recruiter will also question you on a few additional aspects for culture and role fit. Again, as this process works both ways, this is another great opportunity for you to also find out more about us. Don’t hold back!

Step 5

Live job assessments

On average 5% of all applicants make it to this final step. During this 2-hour session, you’ll run a few ‘dummy’ job assessments and you’ll meet several people from the team (so you too can ask any questions you still might have). Exercises can include a role-play-sales-call, a design and facilitation of a specific workshop, and an on-the-spot consultancy advice challenge. 


Welcome on Board

Hooray! We are very honoured to make you a job offer and look forward for you to join our troops!