Digital creative internship

Digital creative internship

At Board of Innovation, we aim to empower 100 million people to innovate, by building the most inspiring innovation agency. We’re proud to work with clients like GE, Philips, Danone, AB InBev, ING, and Roche – around the globe.

  • Content marketing always has been at the core of this company. Ten years later, our commitment to sharing is stronger than ever.
  • We are known for distributing meaningful content (tools, blog posts, white papers, ebooks, webinars, infographics, etc.) to inspire and create impact.
  • We make use of a broad spectrum of digital channels & tools to make this happen on a daily base. Our online presence strengthens our brand credibility and converts our audience into relevant leads.

Currently, we are looking for an intern that is a strong graphic designer. You can expect to learn from a broad variety of tasks and projects in our digital marketing team. You’ll be immersed in a unique, creative work environment, where experimenting and embracing the unconventional are essential parts of your daily routine.

Why join Board of Innovation?


Because you enjoy working on the most amazing innovation projects with Fortune 500 corporates (like GE, Philips, Danone, AB InBev, ING and Roche) and having direct impact on their innovation strategies. 


Because you thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, prefer to work in self-steering teams, and want to contribute to our overall business strategies and growth.

Because you get numerous on-the-job-and-beyond learning opportunities, the possibility to develop yourself in a direction of choice.


Because you like to eat healthy every day (breakfast, lunch, soup, fruits, drinks, … for free!) , and are not afraid to take the risk to get addicted to our coffee bean machine. Not to mention  those legendary Funky Fridays.


Because you appreciate a stimulating office environment, like the opportunity to work at standing desks, walk around barefoot on our amazingly soft carpet floor, or read a book in our cozy couches corner

Because you look for a place where you can be your whole self, and become part of highly talented, ambitious, (from time to time hilarious) international and diverse team (15 different nationalities and counting!).


Because you want to craft your own job? Well, we encourage you to do so. It’s about creating opportunities to play to your strengths to create an even bigger impact. We want to support you to fulfil your professional and entrepreneurial ambitions.

With a mission to inspire 100 million people.

From day 1, Board of Innovation was designed as a platform to share knowledge. We always shared our tools & guides for free so others can be empowered to create change in their environment. For some, this means redesigning the business model of their startup. For others, our tools offer a guide to spread innovation culture within their company. Over the years we received so many exciting stories, that we decided to go all-in.

Become part of a next generation.

To inspire so many, we need to increase our reach with unique content, original campaigns, and top-notch articles! Our team is looking for people who get excited by the idea of people all over the world reading your article, looking at your visuals, listening to your story! We don’t simply need extra hands; we need people who are passionate by innovation, willing to share our excitement and help us reach impact.




Marketing lead