Business model innovation consultant.

About the job.

Your mission


We don’t believe in forcing someone into a specific job function. Your role will be shaped based on your own interest and experience, as well as those of your team members; and even more importantly, everyone’s role is expected to evolve continuously. Consider this as a starting point for the role of Business Model Innovation consultant:

  • You challenge / help corporate intrapreneurs in understanding their market, the value drivers, industry benchmarks, common stakeholders, go-to-market strategies, etc. You translate these insights into tangible business model prototypes.
  • You facilitate the creation of applicable business models together with corporate venture teams and provide them with actionable feedback and direction.
  • You create novel content on how the business models of existing corporates will be challenged (and killed) in the future.
  • You keep other consultants on top of their game when it comes to new business model cases in the market, go-to-market strategies and ways to ideate, evaluate & validate business models. 
  • You make your approach scalable by creating interesting methodologies/tools etc. in order to help us to inspire 100 M people.
  • You are eager to learn from other domain experts within Board of Innovation. In your day to day job, you’re not going to focus only on business model innovation side of projects. You’ll also support corporate innovation teams in their quest for new desirable, viable and feasible business opportunities. You realize this by working together with corporate innovators through the different phases of innovative product or service developments.

Your projects


You typically work part-time on one longer-term project and in parallel several short-term initiatives. Here at Board of Innovation, we have a holistic approach to business modeling. You design businesses just like others design products. Together with target segment & user research, you do comprehensive market & competitor research. You focus on outlining the dominant business models & most important long-held beliefs that can be disrupted. Where others prototype solutions, you model business models and test them. Curious about the type of projects you might be working on? Check out a few of our previous client projects here.

Your toolkit


You will inspire clients and Board of Innovation’s team with validated methods and practices in business design. Where needed, you create business model playbook and cases. That’s why you proactively keep yourself up-to-date on all-business-modeling—related news. This allows you to spot analogies, be critical about frameworks, test and evaluate business models. Discover some of our most Business Model and Innovation tools here.

Our culture

INTERNATIONAL TOP TALENT, organized in self-steering teams, valued for their entrepreneurship

At Board of Innovation, consultants are not managed but given the freedom and trust to organize themselves in entrepreneurial self-steering teams. That’s why within your team, next of being a top notch business model expert, you also grow into several business-critical domains like coaching of internal stakeholders, marketing (hosting business model webinars), sales (share your business model innovation knowledge with customers), etc. Learn more about our values and unique culture here.

We are looking for someone like you!


about business model innovation

  • You have always been passionate and knowledgeable about business model innovation,
    customer-centric innovation, corporate innovation and next-gen technologies.

  • You proactively expand your academic background in Business/ Design/ Innovation/ Engineering/ Digital by always keeping yourself up-to-date on everything business model innovation-related.

  • You know most business model frameworks, methodologies, but are also critical to understand their disadvantages, pitfalls and shortcomings. 

business acumen & cross industry thinker

  • You have substantial experience in business modeling (eg as an innovation consultant, entrepreneur, business designer, leading a startup team, a product manager, …).

  • You understand how businesses work, you’re able to recognise and evaluate characteristics in how companies create, deliver and capture value and you can translate these insights to other industries. You obviously know the analogies between Über, Air BnB and WeWork, and more importantly, you understand the critical success factors of each individual business model and you’re able to apply these insights in other industries.

  • You have strong business analytical skills and are able to run ballpark estimates or challenge  / kill a business case on-the-spot.

in getting things done

  • You know how to deal with ambiguity and complexity, and you are comfortable with the fuzzy front- ends of business design.

  • Your bias to action always takes you to the logical next step, and to keep track of overall progress and next steps. 

  • You are an achiever. You are hands-on and do what needs to be done to get results. You easily switch between several roles.

  • Your strong business development capabilities contributed to your proven track record of tangible business results.

Credible & effective

  • You easily connect with people, and you have an open, empathic, proactive and to-the-point communication style.

  • You are able to constructively formulate your own opinion, backed up with strong arguments and confidence. 

  • Your English is ‘CEO proof”, other languages are definitely an asset.


  • You establish and grow meaningful client partnerships, understand their real needs and are able to translate these into effective solutions

  • You spot and create opportunities to grow into a more strategic long-term collaboration

  • You combine a focus for creating value with a strong commercial mindset, and are comfortable to leverage both in sales conversations

Great fit 

with our team

  • You have what it takes to thrive in our team: an authentic personality, a no-nonsense approach, a relentless drive to learn, an open mindset,  an entrepreneurial attitude, a true team spirit  (no ego’s!) and you share our ‘raise the bar’ mentality 

  • As we value diversity, you also bring in something unique, a new perspective, new competencies, or an interesting background that clearly complements and strengthens our team somehow! 

Why join Board of Innovation?


Because you enjoy working on the most amazing innovation projects with Fortune 500 corporates (like GE, Philips, Danone, AB InBev, ING and Roche) and having direct impact on their innovation and business strategies. 


Because you thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, prefer to work in self-steering teams, and want to contribute to our overall business strategies and growth.

Because you get numerous on-the-job-and-beyond learning opportunities, the possibility to develop yourself in a direction of choice, and you  receive a self-development budget. 


Because you like to eat healthy every day (breakfast, lunch, soup, fruits, drinks, … for free!) , and are not afraid to take the risk to get addicted to our coffee bean machine. Not to mention  those legendary Funky Fridays.


Because you appreciate a stimulating office environment, like the opportunity to work at standing desks while listening to your free Spotify account,  walk around barefoot on our amazingly soft carpet floor, or read a book in our cozy couches corner

Because you look for a place where you can be your whole self, and become part of highly talented, ambitious, (from time to time hilarious) international and diverse team (15 different nationalities and counting!).


Because you love to travel worldwide (and long for more checks on that bucket-list) , you are eager to build a global professional network, while at  appreciating  Belgium as your (new) base.


Because you want to craft your own job? Well, we encourage you to do so. It’s about creating opportunities to play to your strengths to create an even bigger impact. We want to support you to fulfil your professional and entrepreneurial ambitions.

What's next?

Step 1


Upload your cv, share your portfolio, have a chatbot introducing yourself …  up to you! Next, fill out the application questions and submit! We’re lucky to get +200 applicants per month but we promise to definitely get back to you within (latest!) 2 weeks.

Step 2

Let’s talk

To prepare for this video call, we will invite you to take some (challenging :)) online reasoning tests. During this initial 15-minute video call, we meet each other for the first time. We will ask a few additional things about your past experiences and/or drivers, and obviously also give you the opportunity to ask a few early burning questions.

Step 3

Submit case

So far so good! We clearly see your potential for this role, so you’ll be invited to prepare a case to test your business case development. FYI : about  75% of the candidates in this stage make it to the next stage!

Step 4

In-depth interview

During this 1 hour in-depth interview you’ll pitch your case and get challenged by one of our senior consultants. During the interview our talent recruiter will also question you on a few additional aspects for culture and role fit. Again, as this process works both ways, this is another great opportunity for you to also find out more about us. Don’t hold back!

Step 5

Live job assessments

On average 5% of all applicants make it to this final step. During this 3-hour session, you’ll run a few ‘dummy’ job assessments and you’ll meet several people from the team (so you too can ask any questions you still might have). Exercises can include a role-play-sales-call, a design and facilitation of a specific workshop, and an on-the-spot consultancy advice challenge. 


Welcome on Board

Hooray! We are very honoured to make you a job offer and look forward for you to join our troops!

Let's get in touch!