Business development manager


Would you like to fuel the growth of Board of Innovation and develop new and existing business relationships? Do you get energy from closing new deals? Are you in your element negotiating complex deals with the c-suite?


Are you as excited to bring innovation to big corporates as we are? Are you a killer sales strategist? Can you identify and build relationships with the right decision-makers within organizations? Then this role might be for you.

We’re looking for a business development manager to help guide the growth of Board of Innovation and develop new and existing business relationships. In this role, you’ll co-lead our new business development activities, draft compelling proposals, and establish new, meaningful client partnerships.

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies from across the globe, so our dream business development manager needs to be able to think internationally, work with different cultures, and collaborate with self-steering teams to generate results.

Board of Innovation is a growing and evolving startup-style environment. You’ll notice that we’re all about entrepreneurship here, so the role is yours to develop and expand. Of course, experience in consulting or corporate innovation is a plus – innovation consultancy can become part of your role if you’d like.


Business Development

  • You are a natural sales strategist and are able to close complex, new deals with senior management of F500 companies.
  • You are comfortable working towards a 1.5 M EUR target / year.
  • You analyze our current sales strategy and processes and are able to spot bottlenecks. 
  • You strategize our sales approach (short & long term) and target customers in a meaningful, differentiated way (e.g. by region, offering, potential, etc.)
  • You deeply understand the needs of clients and translate these into compelling solutions and sales proposals.
  • You negotiate complex deals with procurement and C-suite.
  • You participate in competitive tenders and create stand-out stories.
  • You map out stakeholders in a large corporate context and are able to grow meaningful client partnerships accordingly. 
  • You know which qualities make a good salesperson. You coach and support the consultants in sales and account management and help with hiring the best profiles for our teams. 


  • Substantial relevant experience in Business Development, writing proposals and closing deals (e.g. as an entrepreneur, sales manager, new business developer, client director, growth specialist, B2B organization)
  • Substantial relevant experience in the execution of project work (e.g. within innovation, management consulting, facilitation, business design)
  • Must have experience building relationships at the leadership level of global enterprises
  • Must be passionate and knowledgeable about customer-centric design, corporate innovation, new business models and next-generation technologies
  • Must be able to understand the real (strategic) needs and context behind a prospect’s request. Hence, you’re experienced in building proposals tailored to their objectives that focus entirely on the deliverables that we can offer
  • Ability to travel each month to participate in client engagements worldwide
  • Ability to work out of our headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • You are an EU-citizen and thus eligible to work in Belgium.
  • You have what it takes to thrive in our team: an authentic personality, a no-nonsense approach, a relentless drive to learn, an open mindset, an entrepreneurial attitude, a true team spirit (no ego!) and you share our ‘raise the bar’ mentality

International top talent, organized in self-steering teams, valued for their entrepreneurship.

At Board of Innovation, consultants are not managed but given the freedom and trust to organize themselves in entrepreneurial self-steering teams – called circles. Within your team, you’ll have the chance to develop in several business-critical domains, such as recruiting, marketing, sales, finance, and coaching. In addition, you may learn some surprising skills, such as surfing (which our consultants practiced during our recent summer office) and table tennis (tournaments are held daily).

What's next?

Step 1


Upload your cv, share your portfolio, have a chatbot introducing yourself …  up to you! Next, fill out the application questions and submit! We’re lucky to get +200 applicants per month but we promise to definitely get back to you within (latest!) 2 weeks.

Step 1

Step 2

Let’s talk

To prepare for this call, we will invite you to take some (challenging :)) online reasoning tests. During this initial 15-minute video call, we meet each other for the first time. We will ask a few additional things about your past experiences and/or drivers, and obviously also give you the opportunity to ask a few early burning questions.

Step 2

Step 3

Submit case

So far so good! We clearly see your potential for this role, so you’ll be invited to prepare a case to test your business case development. FYI: about  75% of the candidates in this stage make it to the next stage!

Step 3

Step 4

In-depth interview

During this 1 hour in-depth interview you’ll pitch your case and get challenged by one of our senior consultants. During the interview our talent recruiter will also question you on a few additional aspects for culture and role fit. Again, as this process works both ways, this is another great opportunity for you to also find out more about us. Don’t hold back!

Step 4

Step 5

Live job assessments

On average 5% of all applicants make it to this final step. During this 3-hour session, you’ll run a few ‘dummy’ simulations of  what a senior business designer does at our company. Doing so,  you’ll meet several people from the team (so you too can ask any questions you still might have). Exercises can include a sales-call, facilitation of a specific consulting challenge, and an on-the-spot business design challenge.

Step 5


Welcome on Board

Hooray! We are very honoured to make you a job offer and look forward for you to join our troops!


Become part of a next generation.

Want to know more about our mission or culture?

Board of Innovation is an independent & international business design agency, with offices in Antwerp and New York and activities all over the world. We help the world’s largest organizations navigate transformational shifts, developing growth strategies, designing new businesses & building innovation capabilities. Over the past 10 years, Board of Innovation worked with large corporates and Fortune 500s, both B2B and B2C, including General Electric, AB Inbev, Novartis, TD Bank, Adidas, ING, Vanderlande, Thomson Reuters and SOS Children’s Villages.