Vypr provides 1) an online platform for online split-testing of concepts and products, and 2) a panel of 7,500 customers to participate in these split tests. The platform is designed in a way to let customer segments make intuitive (system 1) choices and (using GPS and WiFi) let them answer questions at the same time they make other purchasing decisions.

Innotech category

Real-time validation

Relevant for whom?

Innovation teams in FMCG and retail sectors, product managers charged with new product innovation, …

Problem they solve?

Efficiently running split tests online.




Manchester, UK.

What is it?

Two-sided: – For their users (surveyed audience, which they call their ‘consumer community’): a mobile app that asks them to answer ‘steers (their term for questions) in exchange for points, with which they can get small rewards (movie tickets etc). – For their clients: a self-service campaign builder to send out quick steers to the audience. They focus on getting quick, impulsive answers for the consumer community. Geo-fencing also enables to ask steers in-context, for example during shopping missions in-store and at fixture.

What are the requirements?

Training programme needed to enable client to self-serve. They can rely on a dedicated service team with FMCG expertise.

What is it going to do for me?

Test new products and concepts, packaging, pricing, naming, claims, ranging, …

What are the limitations?

Very local: Their consumer community is based in the UK. Mostly relevant for consumer products (e.g. FMCG). Bias in the tool: their audience (the users of their app) earn points but mostly gets value out of seeing themselves as an early adopter (as Vypr’s clients ask them about their opinion on potential new products/services). Besides the early adopter bias, the user audience also consists mostly of the younger, mobile-native demographic.