The Grid

AI websites that design themselves, without templates or coding. You tell the Grid what you want, and they build tailor-made content and visuals, and make the website based on that.

Innotech category

Real-time validation, computational design, prototyping

Relevant for whom?

Experiment designers, …

Problem they solve?

Automatically creating a website/landing page for solution validation.


Unknown for V3. V2 started at 96$ a year, Pro at 144$/year and Biz at 384$/year.



What is it?

(Update: V2 has been taken offline, V3 is currently being designed – stay tuned for V3). The Grid’s AI bot Molly makes a website uniquely for you: all the way from registering the URL to videos, images, and text. It’s not another drag-n-drop builder. It has designed over 200,000 websites so far. It asks you some basic information like desired site title, desired color palette/upload an image like a company logo, and Molly does the rest.

What are the requirements?

You need a company logo, an idea for your website.

What is it going to do for me?

It takes all the time out of having to design multiple landing pages, brand identity – for when you just want to put a quick landing page up for solution validation.

What are the limitations?

The previous versions didn’t ask enough input from the user, due to which it felt more like a random-website generator (due to which an lt of websites look bland and often identical). It didn’t allow you to say ‘I want a video there, a button there, an e-commerce thingy here’ upfront, nor did it allow you to change it. Therefore, for some people it even felt like a borderline scam: “I pay to get a beautiful website designed, I can’t influence what it’s going to make and can’t even edit what it comes up with”. Hopefully, V3 will, as the previous versions did not feel smart at all.

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