The Sayspring platform provides support for the design, development and marketing of voice applications for voice assistants.

Innotech category


Relevant for whom?

Experiment designers, digital prototypers, …

Problem they solve?

Designing, building and marketing voice apps.


Free (before Adobe acquired it, there was a freemium model).



What is it?

It’s a tool to create voice interfaces for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What are the requirements?

Currently you need to request an invite. Select invitations will be sent out on a rolling basis.

What is it going to do for me?

You can easily prototype and build a voice project: e.g. if you want to test if people will use a voice assistant of some kind, Sayspring makes it easy to prototype one.

What are the limitations?

You can’t share the project you built with non-team members (so this limits the opportunity for remote user testing).