Growth Science is a data science consultancy, that is an R&D partner for their proprietary MESE computing system. The system makes unique insights about the financial and other commercial characteristics of companies who do not disclose data publicly. MESE gives executives an evidence-based analysis to better identify and monitor growth opportunities.

Innotech category

Portfolio management, algorithmic investing, quant innovation

Relevant for whom?

Corporate venture capitalists, innovation executives, portfolio managers, …

Problem they solve?

Identification of growth and innovation opportunities, aided by data science/machine learning.


Membership cost unknown.


Oregon, USA.

What is it?

A member gets access to Growth Science’s prediction engine. They log into the website, answer a set of questions about innovation or a new business, and Growth Science send them a report on its likelihood of succes based on a business model simulation. (

What are the requirements?

Being a member. Having an investment strategy to challenge. Preferably already have done investments so there is more data to work with.

What is it going to do for me?

According to Ron Hoffner of 3M, a member, it answers three key questions about a new product or innovation, namely: – Is the market going to be big? – Is this the right technology? – Does the approach align with the company’s business model?

What are the limitations?

Prediction model probably needs some time to learn your market/company specifics.