Jungleworks provide standard SaaS solutions that can easily be adapted to unique business cases and needs, with a focus on mobile. Also offers a startup accelerator program.

Innotech category


Relevant for whom?

Entrepreneurs wanting to take their MVP forward without spending time on the tech stack.

Problem they solve?

Developing and deploying SaaS platforms efficiently.


Yelo: starter $0, growth (branded website) $99/month and premium ( branded apps) $199/month. Tookan: from $18 (150 tasks) to $899 (15000 tasks) per month. Fugu: free up to 5 users, then $1/month per user. Hippo: free up to 2 agents, then $19/month per agent, then $10/month per agent after 10 agents. Bulbul: $10/month per user. Kato: free for 1 user, $69/month for pro plan, $249/month for a business plan. Flightmap: free for 2 vehicles, $0,04 per stop or $20/month per vehicle, custom pricing beyond 100 vehicles or 10K+ stops.



What is it?

Products that help you build an on-demand business. Yelo: build an online storefront and marketplace apps and websites. Tookan: a delivery platform with optimized routes and real-time tracking. Fugu, Hippo, Bulbul: communicate and collaborate with business stakeholders. Kato: business intelligence. Visualize and explore data. FlightMap: optimize resource planning with the fastest/shortest route possible.

What are the requirements?

You need a clear and validated concept or MVP to start offering your services via the JungleWorks tech stack.

What is it going to do for me?

It offers a full tech stack for on-demand businesses as a SaaS product, so entrepreneurs can focus on business operations instead of technology.

What are the limitations?