iMotions offers a number of products that enable biometric research (such as eye tracking, facial expression, EEG). Methods are applicable for example in neuromarketing and human computer interaction.

Innotech category

Augmented insights

Relevant for whom?

Human-centered designers, …

Problem they solve?

Assessing emotional and spontaneous reactions of users.





What is it?

Hard- and software tools do enable eye tracking, measure brain wave activity, detect facial expressions, etc. Compatible with most commonly used hardware devices (e.g. off-the-shelf EEG tracker).

What are the requirements?

Hard- and software setup.

What is it going to do for me?

Augment insights from an interview by getting different inputs (EEG, eye tracking, facial micro-expressions, audio analysis, …). This can be used to take out or detect bias, pick up contradictions in body language vs response or detect non-verbal cues.

What are the limitations?

Most hardware setups are intrusive and intimidating and will induce a ‘guinea pig’-feeling which might manifest as bias. There are non-intrusive software applications (e.g. emotion analysis in a video chat interview) and hardware setups (e.g. camera setup to eye track and record interaction with a prototype).

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