Creative Difference

Creative Difference is a tool that supports organizations in becoming more innovative. Based on an initial assessment, the team is provided with recommendations as to where the focus of agile and creative development should lie.

Innotech category

Culture, people side of innovation, measuring innovation

Relevant for whom?

innovation capability developers, HR / L&D, …

Problem they solve?

Rendering company structure and culture more agile and innovation-friendly.


Team plan: $12.50 per team member/month (min. 5 team members). Enterprise plan: $5.000 per business unit + $10.000 one-time setup.



What is it?

An online assessment to measure the innovative capability, skills, and mindset in your organization. It measures the innovative capability in your organization on the aspects of need creativity, agility, and adaptivity. This tool helps you measure that by giving you a baseline. It also recommends the first things you can do to improve the baseline.

What are the requirements?

Minimum of 5 team members need to complete it, to start to see patterns.

What is it going to do for me?

After each team member takes a 20-min online survey, they and the organization are scored on 6 qualities (purpose, looking out, experimentation, collaboration, empowerment, refinement). The tool then shows a summary of your key strengths, as well as tactical recommendations (focus areas) to improve your organization’s weaknesses.

What are the limitations?

Only the Enterprise plan gives you support from an organizational designer to help set up and interpret the survey.