Builder is an AI application that (with human support) can build app prototypes, MVPs and full apps, including roadmap and pricing preview, real-time dashboard and budget control (guaranteed maximum price). Human project managers and developers are located around the world or in the country of the client’s choice.

Innotech category

Automated digital product development

Relevant for whom?

Business designers who don’t speak tech, …

Problem they solve?

Building prototypes, MVPs and full apps.


Guaranteed maximum price/build. If less work then expected, you get a rebate.



What is it?

Pick & choose the software features your project needs using the build card: select the features in human language – no tech-savyness needed. Get a guaranteed maximum price, a delivery schedule and a remote team of devs get briefed by a project manager immediately.

What are the requirements?

You need to have a clearly validated idea of what you want to build (concept, user experience, perhaps a wireframe), without having all the technical features in mind.

What is it going to do for me?

Builder claims to deliver twice as fast, 1/3 of the cost and enterprise-grade. They do this by aggregating global demand of builds so that they can build smarter, not faster.

What are the limitations?

Most suitable to develop an alpha version of your solution. Most suitable if you want to build a marketplace, website, app, e-commerce shop, wearable, or mimic the functionality of an existing app. If your project is not a commonly asked build, it is difficult to express what you need.