GetAutopsy provides a newsletter that examines the lessons learned from failed startups in so-called postmortems. Upcoming is an academy that offers courses built on these insights.

Innotech category

Rapid validation

Relevant for whom?

Innovation managers, corporate venture capitalists, accelerators, …

Problem they solve?

Learning from failed startups’ mistakes.


Free: online database. Premium: access to additional database + analysis of your portfolio failures.


London, UK.

What is it?

You can subscribe for the newsletter, or browse a limited set of startups here (not yet in slick branding, but function trumps form).

What are the requirements?

You need to have an idea (or just an industry) in mind to browse the database.

What is it going to do for me?

Browse through 2000+ failed startups in different industries on Perfect for a ‘picnic in the graveyard’ experiment: seeing why others failed, while trying a similar solution is often very insightful.

What are the limitations?

80% of data is US-based. No data on some industries such as healthcare.