A current experiment (not a finished product yet) by Automattic that enables users to automatically generate brand collateral that adheres to their brand guidelines.

Innotech category

Automatic asset creation, prototyping, computational design, real-time validation

Relevant for whom?

Experiment designers, …

Problem they solve?

Creation of brand collateral.


Not live on the market yet.



What is it?

A tool that automates the creation of brand collaterial to make creative content creation (ads, visuals, etc) faster and cheaper. It’s currently being tested for, to create assets in an instant, by leveraging computational design methods.

What are the requirements?

You need to know what you want to test, design the right experiment before setting up the automated asset creation. Once created, you still need to deploy them by setting up an ad campaign, landing page or whatever your experiment is.

What is it going to do for me?

Save hours of design time and potentially even eliminate the need for corporate ventures to have to hire a graphic designer for low fidelity asset creation altogether. It would also allow you to make many different versions for fast A/B testing.

What are the limitations?

Learning how to work with the system, as instead of giving a graphic designer a brief, you input code in a command line.