Innovation Transformation

building the capabilities you need in 2018

What is Innovation Transformation
and why is it important?

Innovation Transformation is not a plus, it’s a business imperative. 50% of today’s S&P 500 companies will abandon the list within 2027, a study suggests. In an unpredictable environment, companies can’t rely merely on spotted initiatives to steer innovation, aimed to well-defined change. Instead, a transformation program is needed. On this page, we’ll go through the reasons and the challenges of transformation programs, and we’ll guide you through the steps to start an effective corporate transformation.

Innovation Transformation - Average company lifespan S&P 500 chart graphThe average lifespan of S&P 500 companies has reduced from being listed for over 60 years in 1920, to 17 years today.

In the last 10 years, design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P 500 by 211%.

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Which future-proof capabilities to acquire in 2018?

In a time of rapid disruption, companies need to review their way of working to increase efficiency and to provide customers with services and products they will love. We make corporations start up their ability to innovate by injecting a blend of methodologies that trace back to Design Thinking, Scrum/Agile and Lean Startup.

Empathy and customer-centric culture

If there’s one single thing we’ll owe Design Thinking for the rest of our lives, it’s the call for empathy. Put the end user at the very center of your innovation process, and you’ll design new solutions that customers will love.

Elasticity and adaptability to change

A fast-evolving world requires rapidly transforming capabilities to keep the pace. Make your employees accustomed to positive change, and find the right people who, by their own nature, thrive in change and innovative thinking.

Creativity & Lateral Thinking

An innovative culture and the right set of creativity techniques are crucial in every business. Challenge your thinking process and learn techniques to improve idea generation: you’ll enhance your team’s customer-focused mindset and skills in developing new products, services, and business concepts, as well as finding new markets for your innovative technology.

Intrapreneurial spirit and growth mindset

Turn your managers into intrapreneurs. Make them adopt a hands-on approach to their projects, using a wide variety of entrepreneurial tools as well as a structured process to change ideas into market-ready solutions.

Culture of fast experimentation

In 2018, encourage a culture of experimentation, where anything is possible, where learning comes primarily from hands-on projects, and where failure is just part of the learning process.

Rapid prototyping/Minimum Viable Product

A quick way to save thousands of €/$/¥ in your innovation efforts? Just learn how to build a Minimum Viable Product – a prototype that is accurate just enough to test the core features of your new business concept.

Managing multidisciplinary teams

In 2018, you need workspaces where designers (desirability), engineers (feasibility), and marketers (viability) can collaborate and find the sweet spot between desirability, feasibility, and business viability. We build multidisciplinary teams for our Design Sprints and Corporate Accelerators too.

Learning through validation

Lower the risk of your new business propositions by validating critical assumptions. In 2018, there’s no need anymore for extensive market research – instead, dive in a new innovative idea to prioritize the most critical components and test these assumptions as soon as possible.

Innovation accounting

Regular business projects execute the business plan in a relatively known environment. Innovation projects, instead, look for sustainable business models in an unfamiliar environment. Because of the different nature of the projects, companies need to separate those two activities and develop a tailored set of KPIs suitable for innovation projects.

Our approach to Innovation Transformation:
from learning projects, to company-wide cultural change


Our experience in designing multiple training programs and innovation projects for Corporates like ING, Proximus, Adidas, and others, led us to ideate an Innovation Transformation Program that minimizes the risks and costs of innovation while boosting the learning outcomes for the company and its employees. Here’s how.

Culture change? Build it through real projects

Are you aiming to a company-wide cultural and capability change? Don’t just tell your employees what they should do – make them work on concrete projects. A study shows, learning by doing is 7x more effective than reading, and 15x than simply listening.

Dream big, act small: run a pilot first

Is your plan to inspire all your 20,000 employees? Start with a small pilot with 20 employees involved, learn from experience, refine the program. Is the program perfect? That’s the time when you can scale up to the broader organization.

Build internal capabilities, avoid dependencies

Are you resorting to consultancies to help you reshape the internal capabilities of your company? If yes, make sure they will successfully transfer the mindset to the internal workforce – you don’t want to depend on them in the long term. With our Train-the-Trainer programs and Design Thinking Academy, we train internal coaches. So that you can do without us.

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Refine the Innovation Transformation Program before scaling.

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