Innovation Program Design

We co-design masterplans for internal innovation programs

Adaptive innovation strategy for future-oriented organizations

Are innovation initiatives scattered in your organization, often overlapping or aiming to different goals? Are resources not aligned with the expected impact? Is there unclarity on who is taking ownership over different innovation initiatives?

The goal of Innovation Program Design is to answer to these challenges, by co-creating a structured innovation process that is tailored to your organization. We collaborate in the design and roll-out of this new processes, with the aim of achieving your innovation strategy. During this process, we use case examples and our experience and learnings in innovation process design to make your innovation process a success.


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Design a future-proof innovation strategy

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A simple 3-step process to design the ideal Innovation Strategy to pursue your organizational goals

The plan


We don’t use traditional consulting approaches: instead, we apply proven design thinking principles and other modern proven frameworks of innovation management. This approach can be used for both existing and new innovation programs. From in-house accelerators to external design sprints, the goal is to improve and accelerate the rollout of innovation programs.

During the different strategic innovation sessions, we use Innovation Frameworks to capture insights and structure the discussions. Every session will be guided by experienced innovation strategists.

We use various successful innovation cases to learn from different organizations and perspectives of best case examples, in- and outside your industry.

“We finished an accelerator program in 6 countries. With this process, we see plenty of opportunities to take the very pragmatic projects they put on the table and help them to push them through in a very structured manner but also forcing them to think in a different way”.

Carlos Espina
Senior Vice President Research & Development LafargeHolcim


Board of Innovation will conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in the organization and create an overview of the existing organizational culture and map innovation activities on a structured framework. This activity allows us to identify the innovation archetype of your organization.


The team will do explorative research in and outside of your industry to look for signals of disruption. Hereby we’ll get a good overview of the key market trends & drivers for change.
During an inspiring session, your company will get insights in multiple startups & corporates who executed a successful innovation strategy.


We co-create an innovation mission statement based on the insights from the deep-dive and exploration phases. We translate this mission into a structured blueprint of activities & priorities for your organization. Each activity will have clear goals and metrics to ensure impact.  Finally, we build an action plan for the first pilot.


  • Understanding of the market & position
  • Clarity on the current culture & organization
  • Mapping of current innovation activities & impact


  • The team is inspired by multiple inspiring cases of successful innovation strategies.
  • An overview of your key market trends & drivers for change
  • List of opportunities for growth


  • Innovation mission statement
  • Structured blueprint for growth
  • Action plan for the first pilot initiative

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