Innovation & Creativity Training

Techniques to find new ideas for your business

An innovative culture and the right set of creativity techniques are crucial in every business. Challenge your thinking process and learn techniques to improve idea generation by following this 2-day innovation and creativity training! These workshops will enhance your team’s customer-focused mindset and skills in developing new product, service, and business concepts as well as finding new markets for your innovative technology.

“The session was very useful. We acquired direct applicable knowledge, in a good atmosphere. The feedback of my colleagues was also unanimously positive!”

Henk-Jan Engelhardt, Finance – Waag Society

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Training innovation champions outside their comfort zone

The front end of innovation has to follow a structured process to produce the right outputs while at the same time it has to inspire employees. Teams will have to get rid of assumptions and adopt a design thinking mindset. In this workshop participants will have to challenge their thinking process and will discover new inspiration to generate new ideas.


Participants will walk away with mindsets that will boost creative performance. They will deeply understand their user’s world and acquire a variety of innovation tools to generate new solutions and business ideas. The goal of the training is to think about the way you think through a continuous, interactive and reflective Q&A session and to focus on users and their problems.

Hands-on tips & tricks

Use innovative tools!

2 day program: interactive training in innovation

Day 1

Creativity & idea generation

    Untitled design (3)

  • Innovation & Creativity framework
  • Check your assumptions: innovation VS creativity

    10 Types of Innovation: an overview

    Techniques: Opposite Thinking & Hybrid Brainstorming

    Best practices and Cases

  • From Future Thinking to Opportunities
  • Identifying new opportunities for your business: a guide

    Future disruptive technologies

    Exploring societal trends & trend maps

    Workshop: Translate trends into new business opportunities

Day 2

Focused on Validation


  • Idea Generation: Analogy & Customer
  • Workshop: Analogy Thinking

    Learning from other industries

    Innovate from a customer’s perspective

    Workshop: Customer Journey & Personas

  • Concept Development & Take-aways
  • From 100+ post-it ideas to selection to pitching a new business concept

    Take-away session: personal innovation habits

    Overall round-up and conclusions of the training


Ideal for

This workshop is ideal for any team that is looking to generate new disruptive ideas for products and services within a large enterprise.

The workshop is also optimal for any team that wants to challenge the existing mindset that prevails in their corporate.

  • Business developer
  • Product manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Marketing
  • Trainees

Loved this session

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