Innovation Strategy

Looking for a clear innovation approach? Great!

Innovation Culture & Process Consultancy

How to structure innovation within your company? How do you manage expectations and where do you start? We guide large enterprises to roll out a hands-on approach to explore new options for growth.

  • Learn how other companies structure innovation.

  • How to launch innovation within your company

  • Decide who to involve.

Consulting: innovation program

There is an abundance of innovation tools & frameworks out there. Together we decide which techniques or formats fit best with your innovation challenge.

  • A portfolio of tools to support innovation

  • A step-by-step approach to get started.

  • Yes/no: Innovation software, an internal accelerator, bootcamps..

BOI managed to change our mindset from a traditional corporate to a much more entrepreneurial mindset. Now it’s up to us to make it part of our company’s DNA and I’m confident that we will succeed. The foundation has been laid. Great job done!Ivo Maassen, M&S Director at Sappi

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Disruptive Ideas

We love to pull people out of their comfort zone to generate better ideas!

Ideation Workshops

Whether you are looking to enter a new market or generating ideas for your next-generation of products, we offer methods and inspiration to come up with more creative ideas. By pulling people out of their comfort zone, your team will generate bigger and better concepts.

  • Pulling people out of their comfort zone

  • Hybrid Brainstorming and Facilitation

  • Creativity and selection techniques

Analogy Thinking

80% of our creative ideas comes from Analogy Thinking. We bring inspiring cases from unconventional industries to learn from. What can you copy from an innovative gaming business model or P2P platforms such as Uber and AirBnb?

  • Eye-opening startups to learn from

  • The best way to generate disruptive ideas

  • Copy from Uber, AirBnb,…

Fantastic experience in a structured and creative approach to free up minds towards new business models.

Caroline Hillegeer, Senior Vice President Strategy at GDF SUEZ

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Intrapreneurship Programs

We love to design and run intrapreneurship programs

Launch new venture teams via bootcamps

Give the right context to your most ambitious and innovative employees. One of the recommended initiatives at this stage is roll-out of an Innovation Bootcamp Program. Bring teams together to work on the future of your organisation.

  • Intensive bootcamp session to pull people out their comfort zone

  • Train employees to become more entrepreneurial

  • Together we explore new opportunities for growth but ownership stays in-house.

Launch a wave of in-company entrepreneurs

Once a selected group of in-house talents joined an innovation bootcamp, it’s recommended to spread this ‘startup virus’ within your organisation. We offer practical tools & guidance to roll-out this mindset  across departments.

  • Detect intrapreneurs in your organisation

  • Create more ‘innovation’ awareness

  • Attract talented people to withstand disruption in your market.

The Innovation Bootcamp was a mind-boggling experience- and suddenly the world looked a different place – one full of opportunities!

Gino Geysermans, Sales Telenet for Business

Bootcamp program

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Business Model Development

Searching for a creative and sustainable business model? Challenge accepted!

Explore new sources of profit

Together with your innovation team we will explore alternative business model options. Many startups experiment with a radical new approach to gain profits. You’ll see that many of these principles can be copied to your market.

  • Learn dozens of new business models

  • Calculate & evaluate the benefits of new revenue streams

  • Structure brainstorms  to rethink your business model

Design partnership models and ecosystems

When you look for a more radical innovative idea, you might end up with a new partnership model. But how do you align the business model of 2 (or more) organisations. Together we will design different options.

  • Learn from other joint-venture and partnership models

  • Align agendas by running specialised business model workshops

  • Tools & Techniques to structure complex ecosystems

Excellent support to a complex network business model development and outstanding professionalism. If opportunity arises, we’ll work again with Board of Innovation!

Julia Chamova, EUnetHTA (JA European Commission)

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Market Validation

Don’t assume your new product will be successful. Get early customer validation.

Lower the risk by validating critical assumptions in a business idea

We avoid doing extensive market research. We rather dive in a new innovative idea to prioritise the most critical components and find a way to test these assumptions as soon as possible.

  • Tools & methods to select critical assumptions

  • Manage expectations within a large corporate (introduce new startup KPI’s)

  • A close eye on similar startups to learn why they succeed (or fail).

Apply lean-startup principles in practice

Based on the feedback of the first users, we will redesign the business model and overall strategy. We typically help to find an answer on the following questions: “Why will clients use your new service?” and “Why will users pay for your product?”.

  • Early-stage user testing

  • Test new prototypes & mockups with stakeholders

  • Redesign the business model of a new venture

Board of Innovation has delivered a surprising, very well structured and productive approach to our ‘innovation challenge’. Their strengths? A good planning (that was strictly followed!), very short response times, and a continuous focus.

C. Ameloot, Marketing & Sales Director, Carglass / Belron

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Hire a Lean Entrepreneur

Tired of consultancy? Hire an entrepreneur  to join your go-to-market team.

Flexible go-to-market support

We can provide a co-entrepreneur that joins 1-2 days per week to keep everyone focused. Most of the time this person will steer the validation of critical business assumptions in the first months of your new corporate venture.  Together with this spin-off, this person will reach out to early-adopters to capture market feedback.

  • Not a standard consult, but someone who likes to get his/her hands dirty!

  • Inject an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Flexible support to stay agile

A guide in the startup world

Our team has close ties with different startup ecosystems. In order to blend in and find partners, suppliers and other resources to help you out, we will use our extensive network to find a solution.

  • Find partners to support your go-to-market strategy

  • Apply the basics of growth-hacking to get traction in the market

  • Do’s & don’ts when it comes to running a startup

The Lean Entrepreneur of Board of Innovation has been of pivotal importance for our corporate startup. His work on customer validation, coaching, and developing the product has been a unique factor for the validation of our concept.

Kouris Kalligas, CEO Addapp (corporate venture)

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