Innovating in life sciences

We partner with leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical technology companies to design patient-centric solutions and sustainable business models that increase the quality of care.

In this featured report we look at:

  • Why our world will be very different
  • 4 examples of behavioral shifts
    impacting the life sciences
  • How to switch from defense to offense

Selected offerings

Go to market & launch excellence programs

Non-obvious perspectives on launching patient-centric therapeutics, devices and services.

Ecosystem mapping & strategy sprints

Map out the ecosystem in which you operate and strategize around barriers & opportunities.

Digital health strategy programs

Define your digital health strategy and tests beyond the pill business models and value propositions.

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Inspiring reads

Building an innovation culture with Cigna Health Insurance

We partnered with leading health services provider Cigna to build an internal innovation capability geared towards solving business-critical challenges in local markets around the world.

Digital innovation strategy for Roche

We developed a digital health strategy and identified multiple growth opportunities based on changing patient needs and the rise of new technologies.

Social change: HIV prevention in Myanmar

Scaling up and achieving sustainability of high-quality HIV prevention and treatment services in Myanmar.

Healthcare ecosystem mapping: A first step to shape your market

Read about why ecosystem mapping is a critical first step in developing an ecosystem strategy and get some actionable insights on how to go about it.

Validate your launch excellence strategy

Read about how to plan your launch excellence strategy in a market where changes are accelerated and customer behaviors are still being established.

Healthcare trends that are shaping 2020

We discuss the trends that will overhaul the healthcare industry in 2020. While data sharing, 5G, supply chain & logistics, and AI will be big, consumer behavior will make all the difference.

An airtight business model for self-diagnosis app Caidr

Healthcare company Clinova asked us to challenge their business model and think like potential investors ahead of the launch of their symptom-checker app, Caidr.

Health business model examples

Business model innovation gives you a competitive advantage. Download this guide and learn from the business models of these promising digital health ventures!

Innovating in life sciences

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