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We partner with leading global insurers to build resilient product portfolios. We accelerate customer acquisition by developing non-obvious business models and help increase customer retention by creating seamless experiences and operating models.

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12 insurance shifts in the Low Touch Economy

  • How the world has changed
  • Shifts influencing the insurance industry
  • How to switch from defense to offense in your approach

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Insurance industry mind map

There are so many moving parts in the Low Touch Economy. With this mind map, we track a selection of ripple effects on the insurance industry and how they influence each other. You can download the latest PDF export  to map out all the second-order consequences of this crisis.

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Building a resilient growth strategy & portfolio

Re-evaluating your insurance portfolio and exploring new value spaces and opportunities allowing you to grow in the new normal.

Customer acquisition & retention

Re-designing products to accelerate customer acquisition and improve customer experience in a low touch economy.

New product development & validation

Quickly creating and testing new insurance solutions in line with changing customer needs.

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Innovating in Insurance

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