New Normal Launch excellence programs

Define the future-state patient or HCP journey through a new launch excellence approach focused on understanding shifting patient/HCP behaviors and rapid validation of launch strategies and tactics.

Launching in the new normal

The current market and behavioral shifts are so substantial that your carefully curated launch plans are no longer valid. Ask yourself whether you truly understand the patient or HCPs that are part of your plan? Have you stressed tested your access, awareness, and activation solutions? Do they still make sense in this new normal?

New Normal Launch Excellence Programs?

We understand that we don’t have the answers and we embrace the uncertainty and ambiguity that comes with launching in a shifting market. We work closely together with launch teams to map the known unknowns and we set-up multiple parallel engagements with all stakeholders in the ecosystem to validate if we’re solving the right problem and wether our solutions have the impact we expect. Through a process of rapid iteration, we navigate the ambiguity and develop launch strategies and tactics that work.

Define the right patient/consumer segments

Empathize with your patients/consumers and develop an in-depth understanding of their behavioral drivers as a basis for your segmentation.

Ideate and develop non-obvious launch tactics

Leverage different perspectives to explore and develop non-obvious launch tactics that solve the right problems.

Develop future state patient journeys

Design an end-to-end future-state patient journey that incorporates different launch tactics into a comprehensive strategy

Prototype and test your tactics

Develop prototypes throughout the launch journey and put them in front of patients/HCPs to get rapid feedback.

Expand your launch excellence playbook

Co-create a launch excellence blueprint playbook with a clear framework for success and tactics relevant in the new normal with both immediate and lasting impact.

Launch Excellence Strategy Cards

A collection of 50 tactics and strategies

  • For inspiration in refreshing and tailoring your market access and brand strategic plans
  • To identify non-obvious launch strategies to overcome challenges in your patient experience and patient funnel
  • To inform scenario planning by triggering valuable team discussions about possibilities

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