Healthcare Validation Track

Are your teams struggling to validate products or services with more speed and customer-focus? Let us help you validate and refine your concept’s problem/solution/market fit with experimentation and validation.

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Empowering teams to de-risk their
business ideas faster, cheaper,
and with more evidence

Pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical device companies are experts at testing the feasibility (the how) of new products. Unfortunately, this expertise doesn’t easily translate to validating desirability and viability assumptions because the way of prototyping, testing, measuring, and decision-making looks different than what you are used to. Now that your company is being tasked with designing and launching products outside of the core business (e.g. beyond the pill services) it is crucial to persevere through the problem/solution/market fit in the face of uncertainty.

Our healthcare validation track takes you through our systematic process for testing new business ideas from discovery to launch. Leveraging our expertise in the industry and both quantitative and qualitative testing tactics, we will create and execute a validation plan to de-risk your concept with evidence from the market


What will our healthcare validation track help you with?

Accelerate and de-risk key strategic projects

Increase your speed to market with a product or service you have pressure tested in the market

Make evidence-based decisions

Run experiments that will ensure you are making decisions based on focused, high-quality results

Develop a deeper understanding of your customer

Gain invaluable insights about your customer (both B2C and B2B) to refine your business idea and positioning

Design prototypes and assets to bring your idea to life

Create stimulus tailored to your experiments with our designers and digital prototypers

how it works

3 different
validation tracks

We have designed three 6-week Healthcare Validation tracks that can be completed chronologically or independently depending on the current status of your initiative.

All tracks begin with a 1 week scoping sprint in order to define the business challenge, strategic ambitions, and align on validation objectives.

Track 1: Problem fit

Validate the problem space and assumptions you are making about the user or customer. This is independent of the business idea because it is critical that there exists a sizeable problem worth solving before investing in developing or testing a solution. Check out this example

Track 2: Solution fit

Validate the value proposition, features, and messaging of your solution with feedback directly from future customers. Use this to learn about the behaviors driving your customers and capture insights that will allow you to iterate or pivot your solution. Check out this example

Track 3: Business model fit

Validate your solution’s viability assumptions about your business and revenue models to ensure that your solution is positioned to drive business value. Check out this example

validation healthcare track1
validation healthcare track2
platform business models

how it works

What does a validation look like?

As we break down the risky assumptions associated with your opportunity we will work together to define the best type of experiment and prototype to effectively de-risk your idea. Remember, we want to design the lowest effort and lowest cost experiment to gather evidence and make a decision.

Here are a few examples of validation experiments that shows just a glimpse of the possibilities for experiment designs: 

Track 1: Problem fit

Validation type and prototype/assets: A/B testing of an ad campaign to validate user or customer problems (quantitative)

Description: Three solution-agnostic awareness ads are launched on social platforms for a period of time targeting a potential customer segment. Their ‘success’ is measured based on engagement and analyzed to determine if there is statistical significance between the problems.

Track 2: Solution fit

Validation type and prototype/assets: Ad campaign and landing page to prioritize solution features (quantitative)

Description: Drive a target audience to a landing page of your solution that clearly outlines the offering’s features. Measuring clicks will allow you to understand the user’s interest in each of the value propositions you can offer them.

Track 3: Business model fit

Validation type and prototype/assets: Shopping cart test to understand customer buying behavior and preferences (qualitative)

Description: Create a digital prototype of a shopping cart experience and recruit a few members of your target audience to do a think aloud exercise as they are reviewing it. You can use insights about their decision making and priorities to refine your strategy.

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