Healthcare ecosystem mapping

In just days, we’ll map your current business and product ecosystem and help you co-create a strategy to capitalize on growth opportunities.

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By mapping out the different ecosystems in which we operate, we were able to identify clear opportunities and define an actionable strategy. The virtual co-creation approach allowed us to generate buy-in with key stakeholders in the organization at a time where it's hard to get everyone in the same room.
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It’s time to take a step back

Current market and customer shifts are so substantial that they are impacting the ecosystem of your health products and services. As a leader in the industry, you need to understand, react, and lead your strategic and product initiatives through these fundamental shifts with a strategy to win.

What is our healthcare ecosystem mapping service?

Together, we’ll identify the key stakeholders in the complex healthcare ecosystem and visualize their relationship in a collaborative mapping exercise. Doing so for both current and future state ecosystems will allow you to create a strategy to position yourself as a market shaper. The sprint will help you to identify opportunities to deliver increased value, optimize care delivery, and grow in new, non-traditional channels.


Depending on your needs, this can be done through the lens of an overall business or disease-area strategy or for a specific launch or digital program.


Co-create an ecosystem map of your business and product stakeholders

Visualize the current relationships between key stakeholders and identify human and system met and unmet needs

Shaping the future of the healthcare ecosystem

Brainstorm alternative realities for how current industry and customer dynamics (ex: digital adoption and partnership models) will impact the future of the ecosystem map and how your business plays a role.

Dive into facilitated strategy discussions with your team

Use the ecosystem map as a starting point to discuss how your portfolio and value proposition does or does not align with your current and future positioning in the ecosystem to deliver real value to patients, HCPs, caregivers, payers, etc.

Define an ecosystem strategy

Turning opportunities for growth into actionable strategic initiatives for new products, digital services, omnichannel approaches, and partnership models.

Get buy-in from key internal stakeholders

We involve key internal stakeholders throughout the process so you’ll have buy-in from the start. The ecosystem map will also serve as an artifact to share the story and keep momentum.

Have a look at a collaborative virtual mapping session

With a large healthcare client, we kicked off a strategic exercise by mapping out the healthcare ecosystems in the US and Brazil to identify potential parternships to increase access.

An airtight business model for self-diagnosis app Caidr

Healthcare company Clinova asked us to challenge their business model and think like potential investors ahead of the launch of their symptom-checker app, Caidr.

Social change: HIV prevention in Myanmar

Scaling up and achieving sustainability of high-quality HIV prevention and treatment services in Myanmar.

Digital innovation strategy for Roche

We developed a digital health strategy and identified multiple growth opportunities based on changing patient needs and the rise of new technologies.

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