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Launching health innovations:
8 battlegrounds

The Health & Life Sciences industry faces 8 crucial innovation battlegrounds that you will need to tackle in order to strive for growth. 

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Developing and launching health innovations is no straightforward task.

Many areas of the health & life sciences ecosystem are in flux or are ripe for disruption. It’s in those areas that new opportunities will arise. These so called “battlegrounds” are hot zones for innovation.

In this report, we zoom in on a handful of opportunities and offer several frameworks to get you started.

We identified 8 hot zones in the health and life science ecosystem where innovation is emerging.

These battlegrounds are defining what the future of the ecosystem will look like and should be a fundamental part of your business strategy.

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The Health & Life Sciences ecosystem is on the move – and it’s moving fast. Ready to develop growth opportunities? Then don’t let the battlegrounds that truly matter get out of your sight.

This report brings you up to speed on:

  • Power play in patient journeys
  • Access to care bottlenecks
  • Low-friction areas
  • Evidence-based launch tactics
  • End of the blockbuster era
  • Personalized care experience
  • Faster launch campaigns
  • The increasing role of influencers

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Authors of this report

Vincent Pirenne

Vincent Pirenne

Partner & CEO Board of Innovation Americas

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Bryan Berger

Bryan Berger

Life Science Lead & Innovation Strategist

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