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Some people say that the future of healthcare has arrived, but we know that we are just getting started. We are here to make what healthcare needs next.

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Clinics, pharmacy chains and concierge doctors are treating patients more like consumers — and winning in the marketplace.

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12 questions to help you make
what healthcare needs next

The best way to create a better future in healthcare is to begin by imagining what that future might look like – a future that is better for patients, providers, and the companies and other organizations that support them. This may seem obvious but we still see far too many healthcare products, services, and businesses being launched that address the needs of the past, or that create a whole new set of problems.

We’ve developed a series of 12 questions to help make sure your priorities are aligned to imagining a better future for healthcare and defining the role that you want to play in shaping that future.

Helping people to stay healthy

Improving the patient and clinician experience

Achieving better health outcomes

Improving healthcare worldwide

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