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We partner with leading healthcare and life science organizations to build future-proof innovation strategies and patient-centric solutions.

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Innovation in health care involves seeing through the complex ecosystem of patient needs, technologies, partners, and competition to uncover the opportunities and solutions that will shape the market.

We are experts in helping you better understand your patients and designing solutions to solve their unmet needs.

We are here to ask difficult questions, help you connect the dots, and support you to make better business decisions.

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Strategy sprint

Design your strategic initiatives and opportunities by understanding the impact of fundamental market, consumer, and technology shifts.

Ecosystem mapping

Visualize the ecosystem to identify opportunities to deliver increased value, optimize care delivery, and grow in new, non-traditional channels.

Go-to-market strategy

Develop and test a launch excellence blueprint and tactics for increased reach and activation from target users.

Health validation track

Validate and refine your concept’s problem/solution/market fit with experimentation

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Free resources

Behavioral Health
Design Playbook

In this report

As the expectations of pharma and healthcare companies are changing, it is essential to have a playbook to help you uncover and meet the structural and emotional needs of patients.

Launching health innovations:
8 battlegrounds of 2021

In this report

This whole ecosystem evolves rapidly. When developing new opportunities for growth, it’s important to keep an eye on the most important battlegrounds.

Go-to-market strategy examples (50 free cards)

A collection of 50 tactics and strategies

  • For inspiration in refreshing and tailoring your market access and brand strategic plans
  • To identify non-obvious launch strategies to overcome challenges in your patient experience and patient funnel
  • To inform scenario planning by triggering valuable team discussions about possibilities

Life Sciences in the Low Touch Economy

In this report

  • Why our world will be very different
  • 4 examples of behavioral shifts
    impacting life sciences
  • Market dynamics that are impacting the industry
  • How to switch from a defensive to an offensive strategy

Business model examples in the health industry

In this guide

  • We selected the most innovative business models and visualized the different revenue streams.
  • Each example comes with detailed info about the company and its innovations.
  • Once you have understood how each of the companies generates value, then you are ready for a business model innovation session.

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AstraZeneca teamed up with Board of Innovation to help achieve first-class launch excellence.

An airtight business model for self-diagnosis app Caidr

Healthcare company Clinova asked us to challenge their business model and think like potential investors ahead of the launch of their symptom-checker app, Caidr.

Digital innovation strategy for Roche

We developed a digital health strategy and identified multiple growth opportunities based on changing patient needs and the rise of new technologies.

Paree Group: MedTech going further with an innovation strategy sprint

We helped 3 independent subsidiary companies jointly identify opportunity areas in healthcare where they're stronger together

AstraZeneca: forging opportunities in the new normal

When the market shifted due to COVID19 in March 2020, AstraZeneca’s MEA leadership team went on the offense.

Building an innovation culture with Cigna Health Insurance

We partnered with leading health services provider Cigna to build an internal innovation capability geared towards solving business-critical challenges in local markets around the world.

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Connected care: re-shaping the lives of diabetes patients

How connected solutions can shape the future of medical care for chronic illnesses.

9 behavioral biases in healthcare

Understanding the behavioral biases of your patients is the key to ensure that your healthcare solutions and interventions prompt healthy decision making.

Why you should be involved in the future of women’s health

When enough diversity is not properly incorporated in treatment development processes, patient care, and disease management solutions, it results in half of the world population’s health being underserved.

Movement Health 2030: building sustainable healthcare ecosystems

Movement Health 2030: building sustainable healthcare ecosystems, based on local partnerships, in collaboration with Roche.

Go-to-market: what healthcare could learn from how consumer goods are launched

Taking a product to market is a more complex process in the healthcare world than it is in the consumer goods field. But it doesn’t mean there’s nothing to learn from the latter. The healthcare industry could leverage cross-sector methods of getting their products to the right consumers, at the right time.

Influencers of patient behavior

3 key influencers of patient behavior that will help you understand how people make decisions.

Innovating in health & life sciences

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