How we work remotely

Creating opportunities in a virtual work environment, not barriers.

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What you can expect when working with us remotely.

We’ve been advocates for the value and opportunities of remote collaboration for years, so when the world changed and become low touch, we were ready to delight our clients, helping them to rapidly adapt and keep achieving business impact. Our approach is not to try to simply replace face-to-face, but to take advantage of all the opportunities virtual collaboration has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to convert a face-to-face project to all-remote, or you’re tackling a business challenge and need to find new ways to reach outcomes quickly via remote, we have extensive experience in creating and refining all-remote trainings, coaching, strategy, validation and much more. For remote projects we’ve found it particular important to focus on Communication, Collaboration, and of course Impact Creation.

“When we suddenly had to work remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, BOI showed us how genuine connection and productive collaboration was still possible. They’ve even changed how we collaborate internally.“
Heather Wishart-Smith
Senior Vice President, Technology & Innovation, Jacobs

Our digital tool stack

Our remote way of working is supported by a carefully curated and constantly evolving stack of digital tools. From communication to collaboration towards creating impact. We try a lot of tools though we only stick to the best. Below you’ll find our preferred digital weapons of choice. 

Zoom is our go-to software when it comes to video conferencing. With great features like cloud recording, automatic transcription and break-out rooms, it gives us everything we need to run our remote workshops and meetings. 

alternatives: Webex, Skype, Google Hangouts

This state-of-the-art whiteboarding platform allows us to collaborate remotely in the most effective way. It’s customizable for various use cases (from Agile to UX) and able to connect with the most popular tech tools for a seamless workflow.

alternatives: Mural, Google slides

As our preferred web-based project management application with a card-based UI and plenty of app integrations to customise your view we simply love Trello for its ease of use. 

alternatives: Asana, Todoist, Jira

A tool suite that actually doesn’t need any further introduction. It’s the most reliable and widely accepted suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products out there. 

Alternatives: Dropbox, MS Office

NEXT is business design software which we use for teams that are looking to spot opportunities in unmet customer needs and innovate breakthrough concepts. Rooted in design thinking and lean methods, NEXT provides a purpose-built application that guides teams from initial ideas and opportunities through fully vetted propositions ready for deployment (Idea-to-Market). 

For our Board of Innovation E-courses, we use Articulate Rise as our e-learning platform. Rise 360 allows us to create responsive courses for every device and enables a fully remote learning experience.  

Check out our full list of recommended remote working tools


Making remote validation a success

Remote working requires a new mindset Simple hacks can help the team to get there.

i.e. weekly sprints vs bi-weekly check-ins

Build-in additional time for failure and digital experimentation setup.

In larger sessions, one person should lead the conversations, capture & repeat questions & monitor the energy level of the group.

The goal is to get quick validation so teams can pivot & grow confidence before spending time on large  POC development.

i.e. building & testing MVPS in hours not days.

The UX of digital tools is essential for the success of remote teams. A good tool helps teams to structure conversations and keep track of key success metrics without too many barriers.

Dividing responsibilities and digital stakeholder/customer interaction can increase the quantity and effectivity of validation.

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