Happy New Year
from the Board of Innovation team!

We hope you had a chance to reflect on all of the wins (both big and small) that you and your teams were able to accomplish in 2020. We at Board of Innovation are grateful to have been a part of many of those projects and initiatives that demonstrated your perseverance and adaptability.

And now it’s time to kick off this new year with optimism! We can’t wait to se what we can accomplish together and eagerly await the opportunity to see you (or meet you) in person!

A few cases we are
proud of from this year:

Paree Group: MedTech going further with an innovation strategy sprint

We helped 3 independent subsidiary companies jointly identify opportunity areas in healthcare where they're stronger together

Taking launch excellence to the next level with AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca teamed up with Board of Innovation to help achieve first-class launch excellence.

Building an innovation culture with Cigna Health Insurance

We partnered with leading health services provider Cigna to build an internal innovation capability geared towards solving business-critical challenges in local markets around the world.

Read our new report!

Have you read our Battlegrounds report for innovation in health?
If not, check it out. We would love to hear your reactions and feedback.

The Health & Life Sciences ecosystem is on the move – and it’s moving fast. Ready to develop growth opportunities? Then don’t let the battlegrounds that truly matter get out of your sight.

This report brings you up to speed on:

  • Power play in patient journeys
  • Access to care bottlenecks
  • Low-friction areas
  • Evidence-based launch tactics
  • End of the blockbuster era
  • Personalized care experience
  • Faster launch campaigns
  • The increasing role of influencers

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Board of Innovation has vast experience in supporting strategy & business design across the full healthcare ecosystem.

Gain speed through innovation expertise
Board of Innovation is the #1 source for innovation tools, allowing us to speed up the innovation process, from idea to launch.

2020 was a year of disruption in healthcare and life sciences, and we are proud to have spent it working with so many game-changing innovators in the industry.

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