Hackathon: from idea to prototype in one week

We help to organize successful hackathons

During one intensive week, a team of growth hackers within a corporate reinvents the status quo of an existing product. The goal of the Hackathon is to completely redesign both the business model and user interaction. No boring lectures, but a hands-on approach which leads them from idea to prototype in only one week.

For me it’s essential to hire an external party, such as Board of Innovation. They provide you with the right tools and continually make sure that you’re following the right track. 

Jelle Huygen, Project Manager at SD Worx
Reinvent an existing product
Build and validate prototypes

Ideal for:

Organizations that look for a challenging way to explore the potential of a product, service or idea. Engaged corporate teams that like to be pulled out of their comfort zone and that want to be a part of an intensive but unforgettable startup experience. In short, if you want to reinvent one of your existing products, a hackathon is what you’re looking for!

Our clients:


How to design your own hackathon

Monday: “Frame”

On the first day the team frames the current situation of the offering and analyses potential customer goals.

  • Gain user insights
  • Understand product problems
  • Framing of product goals

Tuesday: “Develop”

Together with some stakeholders the co-creates several solutions that answer the problems of day one.

  • New product ideas
  • New revenue model ideas
  • Qualitative stakeholder feedback

Wednesday: “Decide”

The team selects and designs some of the discovered features and business model elements in order to test them with different stakeholders. #getoutofthebuilding

  • Feedback on (paper)prototypes
  • Validated business ideas
  • #Freshair

Thursday: “Prototype”

The validated features and business model get transformed into a visual mock-up of the product. Just like any startup everyone works late to meet the deadline ;-)

  • Visual concept
  • Finalised business model
  • Pitch dry run

Friday: “Validate”

The prototype gets the last tweaks according to the dry run feedback. All team members work together to get the final pitch ready. Both customers and top management join the session to give feedback! #raisethebar

  • Interactive prototype
  • Business presentation
  • Engaged participants


A hackathon is only successful when there are both a validated business model & a visual prototype at the end.

  • Interactive prototype
  • Clear businessmodel presentation
  • Stakeholder involvement

Aftermovie of our latest hackathon: we recently facilitated a hackathon with SD Worx, a Belgian HR-software company. In one week we went from the idea of reinventing an existing product, to an actual prototype. This movie will give you a first impression of how a hackathon looks like.


Extra Tips to create a perfect Hackathon

If you’re planning on facilitating a hackathon yourself in the future, check out these 10 essential tips.

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