Presentation skills

33 tips to prepare the perfect innovation elevator pitch.

Who is this guide for?

This playbook provides you with important tips to structure a successful pitch. 

We have outlined 33 key suggestions for you to prepare a perfect pitch. 

5 examples from this guide.

1. Be brave.

Dare to speak up, for example, if a specific budget or timing is needed. At the same time, always stay honest. If you don’t know something yet, just say so: don’t try to invent an answer out of thin air. 

2. Avoid being an alpha-male. 

Don’t be too self-assured: be confident, not cocky. You can dry run the presentation and videotape it to get a good view on your posture and gestures. 

3. follow the eyes.

Align pictures with faces looking at the text. Heatmaps have shown that aligning the face increases the interest in the text. The other way around may distract the viewer. 

4. Repeat important items. 

Seriously, repeat important items: it helps your audience remember the most critical parts of your presentation.

5. Be clear, minimal. 

When designing your slides, go for simplicity: don’t overload your slides, keep them minimal instead. Be clear and consistent in the use of style elements.

Presentation skills

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