Out of your comfort zone

30 controversial innovation tricks from 6 peculiar industries that we use in our boot camp sessions.

Who is this guide for?

This guide provides you with 30 controversial innovation tricks from 6 peculiar industries that we use in our bootcamp sessions.

To innovate, we make large corporate suits acts as startups. Our first step to do so, is to pull them out of their comfort zone by confronting them with unconventional markets. 

Explore our cases & articles below to pick up the ideal ways to pull people out of their comfort zone. After all it’s there where the magic happens! 

Some unconventional domains we use in our brainstorms

1. the toy industry. 

People can be far more imaginative when brainstorming on toys. Think out of the box, by making people imagine how your product can be offered as a service. Or try to come up with ways to make your offering evolve over the lifetime of your user. Other way around: try to combine an unpleasant task with a delightful activity, … 

2. the fashion industry.

Learn from Honestby, a Belgian label, and be transparent on all the price calculations, margins, materials used, … Furthermore, many corporates push hard to be as grey as possible, don’t be like them, dare to be controversial! Try out a clothing leasing model for example.  

3. criminals, hackers, ...

Stay underground and replace your market research by faking real user interaction with an early prototype to get feedback. Get your inspiration from (digital) scammers. 

4. the dating industry. 

Learn from My Free Implants, Ok Cupid, Tinder or Part Time Love. Explore micro-transactions and non-monetary transactions in your own business model, never ask clients for price feedback, copy the simplicity of Tinder to other domains, …

5. the sports industry. 

Learn from Gympact where users get paid when other users fail. Forget badges and points as a reward system. Gym-pact users commit to a goal (e.g. go to the gym daily or pay $5). If they check-in via GPS, they’ll get money from other users that didn’t go. 

Out of your comfort zone

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