Money making techniques.

17 remarkable techniques documented with 36 cases.
Slidedeck with money making techniques for startups

Who is this guide for?

In order to help you out, we’ve selected 17 remarkable techniques documented with 36 cases.

How do you monetize a digital service? Why would clients put their money on the table? In fact, it doesn’t matter if you pick a freemium, subscription, license or any other model if you don’t understand the emotional context of your customers.

You have to see what drives people to open up their wallet. Just look at other companies. The small nudges and psychological tricks they have in place can often be copied to your own product or service.

5 examples from this guide.

1. why people will pay you.

All innovations should stat with the question “why people will pay me?” instead of “what revenue model should I use?”. In this playbook, you will find 17 reasons why people put their money on the table.

2. this guide will help you to understand how you can capture the value.

Find in this guide 36 practical examples of the reasons people will put their money on the table and how you can capture that value with a strong business model.

3. one of the reasons – people like to discover new things.

Find out 36 juicy examples for all 17 reasons from the guidebook, like this one with the “Carrot Todo” app.

4. you can also let users personalize their experiences.

Sometimes the examples are bad to show you all the sides of the issue, here you can see the Windows 7 case and the frustration it created for customers but not allowing them to change the desktop background.

5. here is the overview of all 17 reasons, find out our examples in the playbook

We are not greedy, here is the list of all 17 reasons we were talking about! To get better understanding download the PDF with concrete examples for each case and start making money!

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