Go-to-market guide

A step-by-step guide to accelerate an internal innovation project in your company.

Who is this guide for?

This guide provides a full program and tools to accelerate an internal innovation project. 

We’ve also foreseen several cases to make it more accessible and realistic. 

If you wish to speed up the time to market, target successful projects earlier, integrate customers earlier and more frequently or just want a structured process to guide your project teams, this playbook is what you were looking for. 

5 examples from this guide.

1. Challenge the status quo. 

Try to understand the challenges of existing projects and map out their opportunities. Make sure to align the expectations & goals of existing projects to avoid miscommunication. 

Challenge the status quo, don't be satisfied with good, always raise the bar

2. Alignment is key. 

Be goal-oriented and focus on a strategic goal of the organization. Explore the corporate assets and competencies – our resource radar might help you with that -. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some hidden treasures? 

Define your vision, the pursuit of the project and play upon your strengths by selecting assets that create a competitive advantage. 

Alignement is key

3. Survival of the fittest: problem/solution fit.

Segment customers, take a walk in their shoes and try to discover the problems they face and do a serious effort to understand solution features and can look for ways to deliver a value proposition.

Problem solution fit

4. Target sales & map your road to success. 

After defining your sales funnel, mapping out your value chain and exploring witch relevant partnerships can be made, you can describe the full roadmap and pitch for resources for the coming months. 

5. Just do it & follow up! 

Capture your learnings, validated prototypes, business cases and the learnings from your executive pitch by making an overview of them. 

In this phase, the final go or no-go decision will be made. In case of a go-decision, it’s time for a rollout and further execution. Try to harness the power of internal ambassadors, share learnings and tools to replicate.

Execute the best you can, but don't forget to follow up

Go-to-market guide

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