Create a frictionless experience

How certain new business models manage to create an unbeatable customer experience.

Who is this guide for?

This guide focuses on on-demand services, next-gen technologies & frictionless services to give your customers an unbeatable experience. 

If you want to learn how other companies nailed the combination of speed, invisibility, and a brainless trigger to come to magic in a surprisingly convenient way, this playbook is your man! 

5 examples from this guide.

1. Complexity happens in the background. 

Always bear in mind complexity happens in the background. Simplicity, frictionless flows, no hassle with outsourcing tasks, no heavy lifting, and the dream that someone else will take care of are only reserved for fairy tales. Make your hands dirty, it will pay off even if it didn’t go as smooth as wished! 

Invisbile focus on - slidedeck about how companies can create a frictionless experience

2. One step is all it takes. 

Want to succeed in life? Just do it without thinking! Rather ask for forgiveness, instead of permission. This mantra is also highly embraced here at Board of Innovation. 

In this guide, we discuss 7 different triggers to learn from and illustrate every single trigger with a real-life example. 

Brainless trigger - slidedeck on how companies can create a frictionless experience

3. Strive for instant gratification.

A great idea and dedication will not determine your success. Failing, a lot, learning from it and doing so as quickly as possible will do much more for your odds at being successful than ideas and determination. See the ability to fail fast, iterate quickly and pivot with ease as the foundations of your success.
Speed (no time to waste) - slidedeck about how companies can create a frictionless experience

4. Mix speed, invisibility and a brainless trigger for magic. 

Magic can be created by delivering extreme convenience to customers via next-gen technology and business models. Or as Arthur C. Clarke would say “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. 

Convenience (ease) - slidedeck on how companies can create a frictionless experience

5. Make it easier for a user to let someone else do it. 

There are two routes to deliver convenience: 1) Make it easier for a user. Strip extra steps, pre-fill, use smart inputs (photo), … 2) Let someone else do it. Outsource the task, remove the hassle from the user. 

But the real magic happens when you make it easier for a user to let someone else do it. #win 

2 routes to deliver convenience - slidedeck on how companies can create a frictionless experience

Create a frictionless experience

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