Boost your innovation project

Nine practical tips to consider before starting an innovation or ideation project.

Who is this guide for?

This guide provides 9 valuable lessons for innovation managers who want to … 

  • Start a new innovation project;
  • Set up a kick-ass innovation team;
  • Impress miss Lucy from marketing;
  • Take out risk when launching a new product or service. 

We gathered these insights from our experience of innovating with Fortune500 companies and mixed them up with the feedback from the people in our LinkedIn group to come to this final kick-ass playbook. 

5 examples from this guide.

1. One eye, one target.

You don’t start an innovation project to do some image building. A clear goal is crucial. So make sure before starting you know and understand the problem you are trying to solve. 

But be aware, remain flexible. As over time, during your project, you might have to redefine your target when the context changes. 

2. Buy-in or you're out. 

Don’t start without a commitment from management. The CEO must be a full supporter, otherwise, you might waste energy by pushing ideas upwards in the chain. 

Create multidisciplinary teams by select cross-departmental groups to gain more support to move forward. We often go for 1 core team (max. 5) backed up with an extended group (max. 20). 

Slidedeck about knowing the importance of a management buy-in

3. You're not the expert.

As an innovation manager, you can’t do everything by yourself. Involve experts at every step and yes clients (read: your target group) can be experts too!

Slidedeck about not being to shy to involve experts

4. Annoy people. 

Mixing the informal culture of innovation with traditional corporate culture might be your biggest challenge. So, pay enough attention to reporting and communication because ‘corporate antibodies’ can be hard! 

If you don't annoy people you're not innovating

5. DO the alpha. 

Test your ideas in a real market environment. Make a business prototype to get feedback on your project. Be careful this is not an easy task. 

You'll learn the most via prototyping and testing

Boost your innovation project

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