Behavioral economics.

15 lessons from behavioral economics you can apply to your ongoing projects.
Slidedeck with 15 lessons from behavioural economics

Who is this guide for?

This guide covers 15 lessons from Behavioral economics which can be useful for your projects.  

Behavioural economics is to show off you superior knowledge & become an innovation hustler.

In a nutshell: Behavioral economics attempts to address irrational human behavior in light of limited cognitive capacity and inherent cognitive failings.

5 examples from this guide.

1. How to increase value of this playbook? easy, just follow these steps.

1. Download the template from the guide

2. After reading the concept from the guide give yourself 20 seconds to apply it to a current project you are working on and move on to the next concept!

3. If you do everything right, apply your awesome ideas in your work!

Slidedeck with behavioural tricks

2. here is a sneak peak of some concepts from the playbook. hedonic adaption.

Restricting pleasure increases pleasure.

Enjoyment of a television program is actually enhanced by commercial interruptions, despite what viewers say.

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Slidedeck about hedonic adaption

3. the inaction inertia effect.

Missing an offer means you’re less likely to buy in the future.

Foregoing a very attractive opportunity decreases our willingness to go for subsequent opportunities.

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Slidedeck about the inaction interia effect

4. the goal gradient effect.

We purchase faster if the task is already started for us.

A 10-space coffee card pre-stamped twice will be completed faster than an 8 with no pre-stamps.

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slidedeck about the goal gradient effect

5. useful tools.

If you need something more to push, check out these websites and books! 




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