52 tools to innovate like a startup

Different formats to experiments for corporates that want to innovate like a startup.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is ideal for corporates that want to raise the bar. The guide provides a collection to help large companies become entrepreneurial and to set up a more creative context. See what works for your organization, we have a tool for every week of the year.

This power pack with tools to go harder, better, faster and stronger will allow you to innovate just like a startup would do.

5 examples from this guide.

1. Give a price to celebrate failure. 

Embrace the power of failure as a learning tool to improve your organization and achieve ever-greater goals. The Tata Group, for example, has an annual award for the best-failed idea according to Ratan Tata failure is a gold mine for a great company.  

2. Lending club with start-up books. 

Scientific proof has been delivered that reading helps you to navigate the continuous curveballs you’ve been thrown when you try to build a business from scratch. Therefore give 20 start-up books to your team of 20 people. Ask them to make notes in the book and swap them after reading. We guarantee it’s a powerful booster for the mindset of people and a great conversation starter at the coffee machine. 

3. Give your team a next-gen budget. 

Self-development is not about being an expert in every area but is actually about identifying which skills you need to improve. In order to be aware of how your market might change in the future, make your team to use the products & services of tomorrow. At Board of Innovation each team member gets an extra budget of €50/m to empower themselves and pick up the skills they personally want to improve. 

4. Organize #amazeme sessions. 

Ask people to share ideas, insights or experiences that inspire, delight, amaze or amuse in brief mini-presentations (max. 15 minutes). As the name stated, the goal is to amaze the audience. At Board of Innovation, we have AmazeMe’s every 2 weeks. 

5. Hire an in-house video reporter

In order to attract entrepreneurial people, people need to know what kind of innovative project you’re running. Some (crazy) startups have their own video reporter to document and share what they are doing. Start small, you can use free social media platforms like Instagram.

52 tools to innovate like a startup

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