52 hacks to embrace innovation

A curated collection of 52 actions and experiments that any innovation-oriented organization can take.

Who is this booklet for?

This guide provides you with 52 actions and experiments to play upon 10 core capabilities of future-oriented organizations. 

If you’re reading this text, you’re already many steps ahead of building an organization that embraces innovation not only strategically, but on a cultural, organizational level. 

We wrote this book to help every single team to embrace innovation in the daily routine, and to develop a mindset for success. You’ll find instructions to take quick action and links to additional resources. Try one hack per week: transformation is a process. 

10 core capabilities of future-oriented organizations.

Customer centric 

Keep designing the right solutions to solve the right problems. 


Keep reading, learning, trying. World and information move fast. 


Be adaptable to positive change and embrace the unexpected. 


Keep imagination running and solve problems faster. 


Experiment, test, try and learn from experience. 


The best teams leverage each team member’s strengths. 


Take ownership on initiatives: be proud of your success, learn from failures.


Dream about possibilities and opportunities, instead of problems and constraints. 


Transform into a self-steering organism: trust eats control for breakfast. 


Be action-biased: when in doubt, just do it. 

Some examples.

Run daily standups (or twice a week to start with).

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Organized fuckup championships and celebrate failure. 

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Dig deeper by asking 5 times why to uncover hidden customer insights. 

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