Revenue model options B2C.

Do you have a new idea and you’re wondering if you can monetize it?
27 revenue model options for B2C

Who is this guide for?

As an agency specialized in business model innovation, we support our clients to develop sustainable new revenue streams. By asking the right questions, different options to monetize your idea. 

Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at the same time. That’s why we made a flowchart to help you and your team to discuss the alternative monetization tactics & pricing options.

5 examples from this guide.

1. loss/aversion

A technique used by drugs dealers for many years and also known as locking-in customers: give something for free (or cheap) and provide lots of hassle (€ or effort) when they want to change to a different alternative.

Loss/aversion as revenue model option

2. Helping peers/gifts. 

Think of this as paying a round of drinks in a pub with your friends. You will get instant social status as a result. Giving something valuable to someone you care about creates satisfaction. 


Helping/peer gifts as revenue model option

3. matchmaking platform.

When matching 2 relevant parties to each other, both value your service and might pay for it. Dating platforms are the best-known example of matchmaking platforms.

Matchmaking as revenue model


A subscription is a service you sell within a certain timeframe. The service can vary: receiving a newspaper every day, using a cloud service (software), being able to call car assistance when needed, etc.

5. fractional ownership.

When customers are not able to pay for the entire product, you can allow them to buy it together with peers. Another variation of buying together with peers is ‘group buying’ to achieve a discount on everyone’s product or service.

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