Guerrilla Club

Stop innovation theatre. Enable real intrapreneurs.

It’s not: innovation theatre.

Often we get requests to facilitate idea generation workshops with a pre-defined set of senior people. Often this is mere innovation theatre: half of the people are not really interested to be there, and no significant follow-up has been defined for ideas coming out of this workshop.  (Credits for this format: Bart Remmerie)

It’s about enabling intrinsically motivated employees to innovate.

The Guerrilla Club initiative is open for anyone to join within your organization; as long as you’re passionate about creating a new business idea. The club has a first budget that they can invest without approval. First make something, validate it, only then present it for approval and implement. Ready?

Monthly meeting with intrapreneurs
Develop new ideas


  • Making things – extremely action oriented
  • Less talking, more doing
  • Only essential support (no obligatory tools or workshops)
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Immense enthusiasm

Rules of the game:

  • Enable intrinsically motivated people to develop own ideas
  • Self-organizing innovators club, and subteams for specific projects
  • No gruelling stage-gate process
  • Monthly club meeting
  • Transparency about strategy & purpose
  • Self-governing budget: €/$/…
  • Self-deciding when to present an idea to ‘enabling team’
  • First CEO evaluation after 1 year
“Enabling corporate innovation is not about creating something new, it’s about removing barriers.”

Ideal for:

Corporates that want to innovate bottom-up and encourage empowerment & experimentation. The ‘afterhours Guerrilla Club’ is a great way to engage a dedicated team of intrapreneurs within your organisation. A format like this is ideal to generate new business & revenue streams.

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