Accelerate Go-to-market of existing projects

Speed up execution of projects, using startup sales techniques

It often takes project teams a long time to go from idea to an actual market launch. Knowing that every project fails when it first hits the market, teams should ‘go-out’ as soon as possible.

We created a structured go-to-market process based a framework to guide existing projects from start to finish. During the collaboration, we tailor and select startup tools relevant to every project in order to solve its challenges during intensive work sessions. At the end of the process the different projects will be validated by customers. We are able to support teams until they are ready to do a complete roll out in the market.

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Creating a mission that matches with market needs and corporate goals

A team should have a clear mission. This mission should connect the assets and goals of the organisation with relevant customer needs. By using a proven set of tools, based on design thinking and lean startup principles, we can align all stakeholders to one clear goal: Creating value for both the customers and the organization.

Validating customer problems and building a structured sales roadmap

After selecting essential features of the solution, teams will get hands-on tools to go to the market. By mapping out the different stakeholders in the value chain and defining a clear go-to-market strategy we can increase the success of the projects. We use tailored tools, that help the teams to prepare and document their experiment. Hereby all efforts are focussed on the final end result: Go-to-market as quickly as possible.

Team Go-to-Market Mission Alignment
Value Chain Mapping & Sales Planning

Typical challenges we solve:

  • Our time to market is too long
  • We need to target projects faster
  • We want to connect to customers earlier
  • We need a structured process to guide our teams
  • We need to know what is really important for our customers

Ideal for:

Organisations that want to speed up the execution time of innovation projects within their existing project pipeline.

  • New business developer
  • Engineers
  • Product manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Marketing (existing products)

Our references:


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Do you want more info about this program? Please fill in this form below to have a quick chat with one of our experts.

“We finished an accelerator program with 6 countries. With this process we see plenty of opportunities to take the very pragmatic projects they put on the table and help them to push them through in a very structured manner but also forcing them to think in a different way.”Carlos Espina - Senior Vice President Research & Development at LafargeHolcim

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