Board of Innovation is building a team with superpowers. We work with the most talented freelancers around the world to support our projects.


6 reasons to work with us.

Work for leading organisations

We work for some of the world leading organisations in a variety of sectors. You’ll find yourself amazed at the access to 


Connect with top talent

You’ll be working directly with Board of Innovation consultants and other freelancers. Open-minded people from diverse backgrounds with a shared passion for innovation.

Be Flexible & independent

Work when you want and on they type of projects you want. We don’t believe in forcing people into a certain direction, you shape your own work.

Learn Everyday

While we prefer save enough to try first collaborations, we’ll be suggesting stretch roles soon enough to help you grow personally and professionally.

Work internationally

We work all over the world and we strongly believe in the power of different perspectives. If you want to travel just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

An online megaphone

We reach 100k people per month through our online presence. We love to feature relevant content from our freelancers on all our channels.

Freelance innovation consultants.

your role

  • You support corporate innovation teams in their quest for new business opportunities. Jointly, you turn these opportunities into significant business value and results (eg by generating actual new revenue streams, new product launch, etc). Working in a structured and agile way, you guide them through the different phases of innovative product or service developments and on-the-job collaborate with them throughout the entire process. Sometimes you will support corporate innovation teams as they transform into a more customer-centric culture. With great empathy for the customer or user, you guide them through different phases of applying for instance design thinking to their projects.

  • You inspire the teams with the best practices in innovation, deep user understanding, and relevant tools and techniques. Where needed, you create innovation playbook and cases.

  • You guarantee a strong focus on understanding the customer & creating relevant experiments in order to achieve market validation. You test early prototypes iteratively with users to move ideas closer to market launch. You interpret and translate (user/market) insights towards a clear vision for innovative products, services, spaces, interactions and experiences. And, as a team, turn this vision into tangible business results.

  • One day you might discuss the innovation strategy & governance of a new accelerator. Another day, you’re facilitating brainstorm sessions with teams of intrapreneurs. Next, you are researching future strategies for innovative disruption in a specific sector or customer segment. In between, your train in-house ambassadors to spread the innovation virus within their organization.


How we work.


An online application to register as a potential Board of Innovation freelancer. Designed to answer your most pressing question and to ask you a bunch of crucial stuff. 

  • Understand what drives us & where we are coming from
  • Get a first glimpse of the kind of projects you could be working on
  • Understand how we work with freelancers and what’s in it for you
  • Complete an online survey so we know a bit more about you and we can reach out when we have a project that matches your ambitions & skill-set


A coffee in one of our offices or online to get to know each other on a personal level. We only reach out if we have a potential project to discuss.

  • See if we are a fit and understand why or why not
  • Discuss a potential project 
  • Decide wether we’ll move on or hold out for the next opportunity


Before we dive into the interesting stuff we have to get some of the more boring stuff out to the way. This is the when we talk NDA, compensation, contract, etc.

  • Agree on the general T&C of a potential collaboration
  • Agree on a dayrate 
  • Signed an NDA so we can move to the onboarding


An in-depth (virtual) meeting where we brief you on the project and where we discuss your vision on your role.

  • In-depth discussion about the project and your role
  • Define a list of clearly defined deliverables
  • Agreement on estimated workload and compensation
  • Design a timeline with clear deadlines


We believe in helping each other so we’ll schedule regular check-ins to provide you with in-depth feedback designed to level up your work and to make you grow.

  • Spar about how we can level-up the work
  • Share constructive feedback between team members


A one-day training, a 16 week accelerator or an entrepreneurial track. Whatever we do, we do it with energy and we aim for impact.

  • Have an impact on people & business
  • Gather feedback from the client through a satisfaction survey


After successfully completing a project you should send us some stuff before or after you come over for a coffee or beer.

  • Share all the relevant materials (eg. decks, tools, etc.) that you used during the session with the client
  • Discuss the results of the satisfaction survey(s) of the project
  • Develop a client case or other relevant marketing content


We don’t just rush on to the next project but we take our time to look back, see what went well and what could have been better. 

  • Chat about the project and how we can raise the bar
  • Finalise all admin

Become a BOI freelancer!


Some examples.

Revolutionizing baggage handling at airports with Vanderlande

Corporate startup coaching, from ideation to RedDot Design Award: Board of Innovation for Vanderlande.

Building internal capabilities for ING

Innovation transformation program, train-the-trainer tracks, and corporate accelerators: tailored initiatives to keep ING an innovation-driven company.

Building an innovation culture within Thomson Reuters

How-to-startup coaching for global intrapreneurs in Thomson Reuters.